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How doubts affect your Mind and Soul!

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Hey Queen,

Yes, YOU! Stop looking over your shoulder and doubt if it's someone else out there who is called a QUEEN but yourself.

Is YOU who I am talking/ writing to!

For the women that forget who they are.

For the women who forget how powerful and beautiful they are.

YES! YOU! HER! ME! And the whole while world that has forgotten how amazing we truly are.

We get lost in a world of trying to be "perfect", the "perfect friend", "the perfect wife", "the perfect mom", "the perfect at everything we do"; and we forget that we are humans after all, with flaws, no bras, and with bits and bobs that we wish we had more time to work on.

But here we are, "trying to be the best we can", all challenges and odds aside.

We are doing our best!

And let me tell you something, just in case you forgot... Your best now, is better than what others will do.

So.. heads up,

Chin up!

And keep on pushing, forward and upwards!

That's the only way to go.

And you know why?

What some people called it "STRUGGLE", I like to call it lessons, whether in personal life or business, is part of what we have to go through... Without it, there's no growth!




No one said that when you were starting this journey that it was going to be easy... And whoever did, they lied to you! Sorry to be the bearer of such news.

But let's be honest with ourselves for a moment... We lived our entire lives believing what society has taught us to believe, we follow through every step of the way with one goal in mind: "LIVE A COMFORTABLE LIFE".

And then, here we are, trying to break barriers, trying to better ourselves, finally seeing through the other side, knowing and believing that there is something greater and better... But then yet, still trying to find a short cut, a way "FREE OF STRUGGLE AND OBSTACLES".





Hey... It's absolutely fine if you want to go down that road, and if you breakthrough fast and easy... Well fucking done to you!

But if you get there and hit a wall... Is because life had other things to teach on the way, and they will show up one way or the other.




Struggles are sent by the Universe to help us, in whichever way you needed at this right time and moment... Try to skip it and it will come back, not because it wants to hurt you, it's because it wants to help you become the person that you were destined to be.




So whatever STRUGGLE you feel that you are facing right now: money, relationship, business, career, love, friendship, family.


For a moment!

For a second!

And look at it from a different perspective, as an outsider and not a victim.

What can you learn from it?

What can you improve?

What have you learned from it all?




I laugh when people message me and offer their help because they think I am struggling... Little they know I am living my best life yet and I am just getting prepared to give more and more.

Its only by these lessons that I can step into my higher self and be able to help others do the same.

Without them, I wouldn't be discovered the person I was always destined to be.




Embrace every moment of your journey, it's the biggest gift you can give the world.

Is the way that you can serve and empower others!

Love, Light, BE

Maria C. Krause. Mindset and Business Coach. XXX


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