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What does Confidence mean to you?

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

I always thought that Confidence meant the same for every women I knew and didn't know... Have you ever thought the same or was I the only one? LOL!

I believe that the reason why we do that is because we all fall into that silly and frustrating game of COMPARISON! Yep, we all keep comparing ourselves to others and wish that we had either the body that someone else has; or the job; or in the case of female entrepreneurs or bloggers like myself, their success and their followers.

What we need to understand and I know is easier said than done... trust me I've been there... Is to stop comparing and start appreciating who we are and what we have.

That girl, that has the body you wished you had, may be going through her own struggle when it comes to feeling more confident about herself. Maybe she's super duper smart but most people will assume that she's not, some may even create this persona about herself, being vain, or full of herself; and she struggles with the fact that people don't give her the chance to show them that she is much more than that... Do you agree?

I don't know about you but I am sick and tired of comparing myself with others. Yes. I know I am not perfect, I know that my ass is not as voluptuous and round as I would like it to be, but is mine and thanks for fitness, I can do 1000 squats and hope that some day it will be just the way I want it. LOL!

If we can remove ourselves from the exhausting game of COMPARISON, don't you think that is actually awesome that we are all different and unique in our own way. If we stopped for a second and start looking at ourselves from a different perspective, the way mom see us, in her eyes, we are perfect!

If we could remove ourselves from judgment and step into a place of self love and self acceptance, knowing that each and every part of our being makes us the woman that we are, special, different, unique... What would confidence mean to you then? How would that make you feel?

I really think that some times we spend to much of our time and energy looking at the things that are not so perfect about us instead of looking at all the wonderful unique features about ourselves. We spent more time believing that what we see on social media and the magazines are what's beauty is suppose to be and all we're accomplishing with that is increasing our self judgement and insecurities, and that is definitely what we don't need more of... Am I right?

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Let's try releasing those feelings by doing something as simple as the following:

Think of one of the most beautiful places you have ever had the chance to visit in your life. Close your eyes and let your memories bring you back to that place, the way it looked; the way it made you feel inside when you first saw it; the way you reacted while you were standing there watching so much natural beauty!

Did you for one second try to find something wrong with it?

Did you ever think that it was too good to be real?

Did you ever think that such beauty was impossible to be created?

Was there anything in it at all that you would have changed, or wish it was different?

I wish I could read your thoughts right now, but since I can't, I will assume that NO! There was nothing in it at all that you wished it was different because what you felt when you saw it made you feel warm and complete inside!

Now... Start doing the same for yourself!

Feel that way about the woman you are!

You are as perfect as that place you once visited!

You are perfect as you are with all your imperfections and uniqueness!

You are who you are and that should make you feel confident enough to know that you can do whatever you set up your mind to and be whoever you want to be!

We are not who others make of us, who others think we should be or not be. No one knows you better than yourself and no one has gone through what you have gone through. So the next time someone tries to put you down by knocking part of your CONFIDENCE, by saying something meaningless such as you should loose weight; or you should wear different clothes; or you should stop behaving a certain way; go back to that beautiful place that you once had the chance to admire and become that place.


I bet you no one will ever dare to knock you or that place down once they feel its power!

Love, Light, BE

Maria C. Krause. Mindset and Business Coach.

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