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The top 3 things I wished I knew when I started my coaching business

I don’t know about you, but I had no clue how to be an entrepreneur when I started my online coaching business. I had been working for someone else all my life, dreaming about having something of my own, not sure what but nonetheless, I kept dreaming.

And finally, one day, when I was fed up of getting fired for a variety of reasons that I will leave for another blog...there are too many reasons and jobs to count that will derail this blog into a different direction so let’s just stick with one thing at a time, shall we?

The last time I got fired was the final push I needed to make that huge leap in my life, open my eyes and start looking at the countless opportunities that the Universe had been presenting in front of me all my life but I was too blind to see until that ONE day.

Becoming an entrepreneur has been one of the most powerful, soul opening, mind blowing journeys that I have taken so far, and I had travelled and lived in 5 different countries by the age of 26.

This journey has been nothing like any other journey I have been before, I like to compare it to the Irish weather, all 4 stations in one day. BTW, if you’re not familiar with the Irish weather, you get all seasons in one day, rain, wind, sun, snow, more sun and whatever else in between… Similar to the experience of becoming an entrepreneur, you might start the day in a high, motivated AF, then as the day goes by, you start losing hope, motivation, start doubting yourself and then just like that, you can go back to feeling like the most powerful woman in the world.

I bet you it sounds familiar, doesn’t it?!

Nonetheless, I wouldn’t change this experience for any other in the world, it has taught me so much about myself, who I am, what I want and what I can do, and there is no treasure in the world that can compare to that.

So if you just started your journey, DO NOT GIVE UP QUEEN! Every small step you take is a step closer to achieving what you want, even if that means that at times you’ll have to go 5 steps backwards, back to the basics to remind yourself why you started in the first place, what needs to improve and what needs to let go.

Here are the TOP 3 THINGS I wished I knew when I started my coaching business and will help you get more aligned with yourself, focus and become more successful in all areas of your life.


I didn’t know what this meant when I started, I thought it was just something entrepreneurs said when they wanted to encourage other without necessarily sharing all their tools and strategies that helped them become successful… That tells you how messed up was my mindset when I started, right?

There are a lot of factors that play in the roller coaster of emotions that you go through whistling building your dream business, specially when it comes to the negative thoughts that we find ourselves falling into over and over again. Comparison, overwhelm, frustration, doubts; feelings of not being good enough, not smart enough, not strong enough, and the list goes on. These are feelings that in some way we have been carrying with us throughout our entire lives and what stops us from truly living and going after our dreams. Some people might be afraid of failure, of what others will say or think; and others, like I did for a long time, the fear of actually becoming successful and thinking that we don’t deserve it.

If you have ever felt this way, then most definitely working on your Mindset should be your first priority and it’s NON NEGOTIABLE!

(To check out more tips on How to work on your Mindset, check out my blog “HOW TO GET RID OF SELF-DOUBT)


This one is really important and here’s why…

If you’re just getting started and you are trying to do a 1000 things at the same time, all the time, it will eventually lead you to burn out, trust me, I have been there (check out my blog “HOW TO QUICKLY RECOVER FROM SOCIAL MEDIA BURNOUT”).

I know you’re excited and you want to do as many things as possible, website, landing pages, collaborations, networking; but there is one thing I have learned is that to in order to be the most productive we can be, is to keep things simple and focus in doing 3 task max per day, specially if you are the one creating all the content and visuals for your business… There is so much the brain and soul can take in one day! You have to give it a rest!

Same applies if you are trying to grow your Facebook group and you are desperately inviting everyone and their mother, even people that you just met and have no idea about what they do, how they feel and what they want to achieve.

I’ve been invited to join groups for mothers and I have no children, now, do you think I am their ideal client? Or that I would benefit in any way by joining that group? Not at all! As a matter of fact, I feel insulted when people invite me to these groups, they don’t know the story behind the reason I have no children and has triggered feeling of sadness and emptiness, so NO! Definitely not a place I want to be!

You are building your soul business, it’s your passion… Connect with people who you want to be surrounded by, people who you can relate to, share deep conversations, soul experiences, sisterhood!

Chose your friends online the same way you chose the ones in your every day life!


Learning how to say YES and NO are as equally relevant to help you move forward in your business.


As I mentioned above, YOU ARE CREATING YOUR SOUL BUSINESS, you get to chose who you want to work with and who you don’t; it doesn’t matter if you are just getting started, if you feel like something is off, that your vibe doesn’t match, trust your instincts and say NO!

For the past 3 years I have been hosting a podcast, UNCHAIN YOUR INNER STRENGTH and at first, I would have anyone in my podcast even if it wasn’t aligned to who I am and what I wanted to create. My podcast barely grew in the first year and although I was being consistent, it was simply not working because the guests and myself weren’t a good fit but I was too afraid of saying NO. I didn’t want to come across as rude, “who does she think she is” kinda way.

So say YES to opportunities that feel aligned to you, where the energy and vibe is freaking high and sparks in 1000 directions and when your gut tells you otherwise, trust it, believe it and kindly decline and move on. There is always something greater waiting for you when you allow yourself to receive it!

Now Queen, go build your business, create the life you want… Believe and trust in yourself. Love yourself crazy and unconditionally and always, ALWAYS remember:


Love, Light, be

Maria. XXX

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