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The life of a Multi passionate Soulpreneur

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

Women in business rock!

And is so beautiful to see more and more women stepping up, embracing who they truly are and building a life and business that they never, in a million years imagined to have.

There is one thing, as women, we are masters at multitasking and we show that in all aspects of our lives: at work, at home, with our family and friends; is just something that comes completely natural to us… But here’s the thing, when we start our business, we tend to try to do it all; and what happens then, we slowly burn and crash.

I get it, you want to help everyone, you want everyone to feel the way you feel… The amazing feeling of finally doing what you love, own your worth, become the woman you always admired to be… Become YOU in her full power.

We all do… I have been there, I have gone through hell and back in a lot of aspects of my life: toxic relationships; jobs that didn’t make me feel I was living to my full potential; not being appreciated it; always looking for approval; knowing that there was something more in life but wasn’t quite sure what; looking after everyone around me, except for myself; holding your best friend hand and lend her your shoulder to cry, gave her all the advice and love she needed it in her difficult times… and I could go on and on.

Yes, we are caregivers by nature, compassionate, kind, loving and helpful at all times and in all situations.

We want to bring all that into our business, we want to hug the whole world and hope that they could open their eyes and heart and see what we see.

Is that how you felt when you started your business?!!!

I bet you, you did and probably still do.

If there’s something valuable that I have learned in my last two years as a Mindset & Business coach, is that no matter how much we want to help the whole world and nurture them and take them under our wing… Some people are just not ready! And is not our fault, is just part of the journey they have to live and endure, until they open their heart and are ready to embrace change and growth.

You can change people unless they are ready to change themselves, and when they are ready… they will find the way and they might reach out to you and that’s when you can help them.

Being a multi passionate entrepreneur is absolutely awesome, that means that you are uncovering your full potential and you are always finding new ways to improve yourself and be of best service to others… So please, keep doing that, growing, learning, trying new things, going after your dreams and getting out of your comfort zone every chance you have.

But… (there’s always a BUT, isn’t it?), there is something that we need to learn as multi passionate entrepreneurs… We can’t do it all at first, we can’t help everyone in the world until we establish ourselves in a specific niche. Wouldn’t you agree? How many times you have created amazing and empowering content and didn’t get any response? How many times have you sat in front of your laptop, thinking about what to write, but didn’t get specific on who you were writing for and cross your fingers and hope that it will reach and stick somewhere… and no results at all?

It’s OK if you have, I think we all have done that when we first started… And once again, because we want to save the whole world, it’s our nature.

No experience, good or bad, is in vain...We live and we learn.

Now you know, and now you are ready to reach out to your soul clients and what better way to do that?

Embrace that one thing that you are absolutely amazing at!






Public speaking!



Making money!


Health and Wellness!



Do it at your best of abilities, become the expert, the person to go to… Build a tribe of fans and followers, give them the best you can at that one thing you are absolutely amazing at.

And STICK TO IT! Offer as much as you can of that one thing that you are good at.

Embrace it! Share it! Teach it!

Make money from it… You are offering a specific service that someone needs, and trust me, if you don’t offer it, they will go to someone else… So why stop yourself and your gift to the world!

Once you’ve done that… Then, BRANCH, GROW, EXPAND...Take over the world Queen.

Embrace all the passions that you have and serve in a higher scale… Now you have the capital to do it and the exposure you need it to be the person to go to. Your clients get the results they wanted and now they want more, just like you… They are ready for more because they got the results they wanted and now they believe in themselves too.

So keep focused and trust your heart… You have so much to give, just remember to take it one step at a time, to be of best service at your best ability, in full, from your heart and soul.

Love, Light, BE

Maria C. Krause. Mindset & Business Coach

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