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Stay focused on your Business...This is your time to Shine

There is a reason why you started your business and before you start reading this, I want you to close your eyes for a second, put your hand in your heart and go back to the moment when you said “YES” to yourself and gave your chance to follow your passion and start living the life of your dreams.

What do you remember?

What feeling does it bring?

Where were you?

Who were you with?

And most importantly, WHY did you say YES?!!!

There’s a lot of uncertainty and doubts going on at the moment, on what’s going to happen, what will the future bring us… but in the midst of all this, we have to remember why we do what we do as entrepreneurs and business women.

When I decided to start my business, over 2 years ago, as a Mindset & Business Mentor, I remember thinking that I wanted to make a difference in someone else’s life. Over and over again, I would see women struggling in their business because of the lack of self-belief and trust in themselves. Day in and day out, they would sign up to join a new motivational group or go to another of the 1000 meetings they have been to before, just to get that kick they needed to follow their dreams. And time over and over again, they would need more of these meetings, just like a drug...they needed that boost and then, once they left, they would go back to their normal routines waiting for that next meeting to start.

What most of these women lacked was true purpose… You why can take you so far in business, and this is why.

Your WHY might be the new car, or clear all your debts; or that amazing holiday that you’ve been planning with your other half for so long; or even that pair of shoes that you had an eye for a couple of months now. These are just a few examples of people’s WHY they start their own business, and there are all achievable, when you want something so bad, you’ll move mountains to get it.

But what about PURPOSE!

The real WHY you do what you do, and this has nothing to do with anything material or tangible, this is more powerful, more deep than that. These are all the emotions combined, the bigger picture, the mark that you leave in the world, this is what really pushes you to do things that you never ever done before, to get out of your own way and out of your own head to achieve the unimaginable.

PURPOSE is what’s going to make you jump out of bed each and every day, to keep pushing through, to keep going, no matter what the obstacles are.

My PURPOSE is to change lives, to give people the chance to experience what I have since I started following my dreams. That feeling of freedom, fulfillment, happiness and continuous joy; the feeling of being complete in all sense of the word.

There’s a lot of mixed emotions now when it comes to stay on track, showing up on your business and serving your clients; especially when this involves selling your services/products. Some people might claim that is the wrong time to be selling, that people who do, are being insensitive to the situation; while others, like myself, see this as a chance to actually give others PURPOSE in their lives. Give them the opportunity to find what they love, for women to lean into their femininity and truly explore the woman they have been hiding and neglecting in within all these years.

Women have a unique strength and power that comes to live when they need it the most. The warrior in us is ready to show the world what we are capable of; and your business is the rout to bring these knowledge and wisdom to the woman that are ready to change their lives, to the woman who WANT to change their lives for once and for all.

So… If you are one of those female entrepreneurs who has put a stop in their business now, please ask yourself WHY?

Why are you denying someone else the opportunity you were once given to better your own life and your loved ones?

Shouldn’t be something for them to decide and not you? Do they really want this? Are they 100% committed to do what it takes to live a better life, doing what they love!!!

If you ask me, I would say “YES!!!!, 100 % YES!!!”, that is their decision to make and whatever they choose to do after, either go for it or not, you have done your duty in this world, you have served your PURPOSE.

Are you still with me?… There are so many reasons why you should keep showing up in your business, now more than ever before:






Once you get clear on your PURPOSE, you’ll realize that your business is not about you, it was never about you in the first place… Is for your clients and what you can do for them.

You are already following your passion the moment you said “YES” to yourself and started this journey… Now, is time to pass this on to others, give them the chance to have PURPOSE in their lives, to follow their passion and to build the live of their dreams.

Love, Light, be

Maria C. Krause. Mindset & Business Mentor.

Founder & Owner of Unchain Your Inner Strength podcast and online magazine.

@The Rising Soulpreneur

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