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Resistance... The fear of the unknown!

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

How many times in your life you felt that things needed to change? In your heart and in your guts, you knew, you felt it in every bone and every breathe you took... But the fear of stepping out into the unknown was bigger, was scarier than going through what you were going through.

Resistance is a feeling that we all go through... We don't know what's on the other side, what's going to bring for us... How is going to change us! And change is a big leap that we have to learn to overcome when we want to create the life that we want for ourselves.

Is not an easy road and that's why not so many people chooses it... It requires to do things you've never done before. Be someone you've never been before or ever thought you would be

Most people want the quick fix... The easy way to everything in life... Shoot, so many times I wished I found it myself too, a quick way to become successful, happy, confident, unstoppable! I am no different from anyone else who's seeking to feel joy and bliss in everything they do, in every moment in their lives... But.. There's always a BUT, isn't there? If everything was as easy as it seems, why not everyone does it? Is so freaking simple after all!

Don't you agree?!

There is something beautiful and empowering when you realize that fear is just an illusion created by others, that's all it is. How many times have you stopped yourself from doing something that you really love because all you could hear was someone else's voice telling you that you didn't have the skills to do what you wanted; or that so many people were doing the same thing and how in the hell would you become successful when there is such a big competition. Well, let me tell you something, no matter how many people are doing what you want to do, there is also a huge demand and people are attracted to the people who resonate with what they are going through... And most certainly have gone through something that can help others overcome.

Life gives us lessons to learn and grow. To become ourselves. To finally step up and live our life the way we were always intended to, in full, joyful and happy.

None of us can put their hands up and say that we haven't gone through hell and back; and if there is someone out there who does, then that means they haven't live their life to the fullest yet. They are too comfortable in their comfort zone, too stuck up on their own ways that they don't know that life is about growing and overcoming what scares us the most.

What scares us the most is what brings the biggest breakthroughs in our lives; so why not do it if the results are going to leave us feeling more confident and powerful about ourselves?

Why not try it at least once?

What do we have to loose?

If things don't go the way we wanted it doesn't matter, at least we can say that we tried it.

And what if we fail one, two, three, or more times... We get back up and we find other ways to do it, a way that works for ourselves, that resonates with our souls and feels genuine and aligned.

There are no quick fixes, There are no fast ways when it comes to become who you were born to be. From every fall, every failure, every mistake, comes something bigger, something that money can't buy... It comes YOU, in full! Knowing who you are and your strengths. Knowing that you are capable of achieving anything and everything that you set your mind and soul to.

Isn't that what life is about after all... The pursue of happiness and fulfillment, knowing that you have done your best to become your best and share your gift with the world!

Changes are inevitable. They are needed. Just look at the way the world evolves, now we can google anything that we want; we can build an online business; we can make friends without probably ever meeting them in blood and flesh; we can connect with whoever we want; we can order food in a click of a button... Did you ever think that this was ever possible?

Changes are what makes us step up our game, trust and believe in ourselves, so the next time you feel resistant about change, think how could benefit you instead. You don't want to be that cave person stuck in the old ways hoping that things will go back the way they were. Got news for you, they won't. No matter how much you wish and manifest it, it's just life and what it's giving you to do better, to be better.

Do yourself a favor, open your heart and your mind and just dive in...Let the Universe guide you and let it all flow, stop resisting and go with an open mind and hope for the best.

There's no change without some sacrifice. There's no growth without pain. There's no improving without learning. There's no happiness without risk.

Do it for you... To live a life worth living. To be proud of who you are and to believe that you deserve better.

Do the work, the simple steps.


WRITE DOWN YOUR AFFIRMATIONS, what you want for yourself and who you want to be.

WRITE DOWN WHAT YOU ARE GRATEFUL FOR, remember you now have what you once wanted.





And repeat over and over again until you feel it, believe it and live it!

You have the strength to do whatever you set your mind and soul to, don't ever forget that QUEEN!

Love, Light, BE

Maria C. Krause. Mindset & Business Coach


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