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Networking...How to!

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Hey online entrepreneurs, if you’ve just started your online business or been at it for a while and still haven’t grown your network...What are you waiting for?!!!!

Networking is one of the most essential benefits to grow your business and become more visible, not only to help you reach out to your ideal clients, but most importantly, to know that you are not alone on this journey and that there are plenty of online entrepreneurs out there that will support and cheer you each step of the way.

There are a few mistakes that I see new entrepreneurs do, that honestly, drives me insane; and I highly recommend to avoid them, at any cost! Here I mentioned 3 of the most common ones and how to stay away from them and become a Pro at networking.

1- Sending a friend request and then nothing, NADA!

There’s one thing we have to keep in mind while growing our business: EVERYTHING WE DO HAS TO HAVE AN INTENTION! EVERYTHING! So if you’re going to reach out to someone, first think WHY are you doing it, what are your intentions behind it; are you trying to sell something (which you shouldn’t at first because no one buys from someone they don’t know...but that’s a topic for another blog!).

Are you inviting them to join your group? If this is the case, please do some research first: are you on the same niche? Do your values align? Why do you think this person would benefit by joining your group...FOR THEM! Not you!

The best way to connect with someone you friended or vice versa, is first by thanking them for connecting; then share something about yourself, what you do and offer help on your niche. Always ask them questions about themselves too...It’s human nature, we all love talking about ourselves, we can’t help it! LOL!

2- Reaching out to someone you admire and follow.

Don’t be scared! Remember these people have been on your shoes too, they started somewhere and they want to help.

Don’t forget, ALWAYS HAVE AN INTENTION! Whatever it is that you’re contacting them, their time, same as yours, is valuable; so don’t waste it chit chatting so much and get straight to the point; of course after thanking them for taking the time to connect with you, and then kindly share why you connected.

In the time I have been in business, I have organized two online summits and I was blessed enough to have some amazing experts participate by following these simple steps. Some said no and some said yes, and I still keep in touch with both.

Growing your network will lead to new friendships, collaboration and people recommending you to others… So it doesn't matter if they say no, don’t let your ego get in the way and stay connected; you never know what the future holds and they might say yes to another project.

3- Last but not least, kick ass entrepreneurs...

Do not, I repeat do not try to be in a thousand places at the same time. Make sure to be very clear on who your ideal client is and hang out where they are, give them value not only by liking (heart) their comments but also comment on them and give them a solution if that’s what they are looking for; or answer their question if resonates with you, help with their market research too.

Facebook has a great feature where now you can pin your top 10 favorite groups and you can choose if you only want the highlights or you want to receive every notification on what’s going on in that group; I suggest to do the first, if not you’ll drive yourself crazy scrolling down to every message post it and will distract you from doing productive activities for your business.

And, hey, if there’s someone on your feed who doesn’t bring joy or value, don’t be afraid to unfollow them or unfriend them… You want to be able to look at your feed and be happy and glad that you have connected with these souls. As Mary Kondo says “If it doesn’t bring you joy, it has to go!”

Declutter your social platforms if needed! I do it from time to time and gives room to people who I really want to stay connected with that way I can see more of their amazing posts!

Remember: Making real connections really matters, people are more attracted to authentic people, they will help you in anyway they can.

Love, Light, BE

Maria C. Krause

|Mindset & Business Coach|

Founder & Owner at Unchain Your Inner Strength Podcast and online magazine

The Rising Soulpreneur Podcast

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