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Before we get started I would like to ask yourself this simple question:


Was it because you were tired of working a job that didn’t fulfill you?

Tired of working for someone else? Giving it your all and not being appreciated enough?

To bring an extra income?

You found what you absolutely love and you decided it was time to say “YES” to yourself and follow your passion… No matter what it would take?!

Maybe it started with just one of these and now it’s the combination of all of them. The point is, YOU NOW HAVE YOUR OWN BUSINESS, you took the first step and now it’s time to take things to the next level and make this business a success.

But how do you do that? How do you know what the next move is?

I don’t know about you but every time I read those quotes about “HUSTLE”, “WORK HARDER”, “DON’T STOP WORKING”... They make me cringe!

It took me a long time to realize that working hard wasn’t the solution. It wasn’t the key to success. I used to spend every chance I had working on my business and to be honest, the harder I worked, the more frustrated I was feeling. I was doing it all and things weren’t happening.

I started doubting myself… Maybe this wasn’t my calling after all. Maybe I should just go back and work again, things would be so much simpler. Maybe I was just not cut out for this.

But the simple thought of giving up would make me feel even more frustrated than the fact that all the things I was doing, weren’t giving me the results I wanted in my business… Needless to say, I couldn’t help my clients either because I didn’t have any.

Can you imagine how disappointed I was feeling?

I wanted to help people. I knew that I was born for it. I just couldn't figure out how so I kept working, doing all the things, being consistent, and still...nothing!

So it got me thinking… Is this really how I want to spend my life? Working non-stop and hope that someday things will work?

The answer was NO.

I had found what I really wanted to do. I was following my passion, so why did I make it so complicated? It simply didn’t make sense. I always wanted freedom and this kind of pace felt exactly the opposite and if I kept going this path, then I knew I would start hating my business and everything about it…. And that was another big NO NO!

So I had a deep look at everything I had been doing so far and I started seeing what needed improvement and what needed to be gone.

Now I work on my business, with love and passion, 4 days a week, 4 hours per day; and I went from making $0 to have consistent 5k months… and all in this crazy 2020 year. (I will tell you more about it on another blog lovey...now, let’s just focus on keeping things simple, shall we?)

How do I manage to work less and get more results? Simple, I create a Business Schedule to help me be consistent and stay focused on the tasks I need to do on a daily basis.

Here is how it works:


Pick two to three days out of the week to spend time on social media and networks.

Let’s be honest, unless you are a teenager or in your early 20’s, you don’t want to spend each moment of your day on social media, right? Remember that now, social media is a tool to grow your business, so you should start treating it as such.

You don’t need to spend endless hours going through all your social media platforms.

First of all, it won’t be effective and secondly, if you spend so much time in it, the comparison bug will kick in and you will start doubting yourself and you definitely don’t need that!

Use your time in social media to do market research, meet new people, engage, socialize, after all, that’s what it's for.

Make sure to put a timer on and stick to it, same days and the same time, and use it with a purpose...don’t get distracted!


You don’t need to be on all the social media platforms, pick the ones where you feel you can shine the most. Some platforms work better for some entrepreneurs and some don’t, and that’s OK, there are millions of people in the world looking for what you have to offer so do it where you feel you can be your most authentic self.

One of my mentors loves working with LinkedIn and she has great success in that platform. When we started working together, we created a full strategy for me to make the most out of that platform, but after months of trying, I simply didn’t feel I could express myself the way I wanted to in there so I decided to stick to the platforms I loved most and things took a huge turn.

Try them and if one of them is not for you, let it go. Best to spend time where you feel you feel you can be yourself than try to be everywhere and nowhere!


The simpler, the better.

If you are new to business then most likely you are doing everything by yourself, and there is so much you can do. Take one step at a time. Pick a maximum of 3 tasks per day, no more than that. 3 is a doable number, much easier to achieve than 5.

There is so much that the brain can take, especially when you are creating, it could be content, graphics, courses, hosting a podcast, doing LIVE training; best to do these in small chunks that way you can give the best of you.

Remember: This is not a race. You have chosen to do this because you love it, to do it for the rest of your life. Every action you take is a step closer to reaching your goals. No need to rush!


Start trusting and believing in yourself.

No business strategy, no matter how effective it is, will work if you don’t believe in yourself.

I have seen this happening over and over again, chatting with some of my biz besties and telling me they have found the best and most effective “NEW THING” for their business and after they tried it, it didn’t work and they started beating themselves up, feeling disappointed and in some cases, mislead by the people who promised them results and they didn’t get them.

The truth is that every strategy out there does work but it’s up to you to make it work and that takes self-reassurance and complete trust in yourself.

Being an entrepreneur is a people’s business and whoever decides to work with you will do because they got to know and trust in you. You can give the results they are looking for, they want to work with YOU.



Becoming an entrepreneur is more than just starting a business. This is a journey of a lifetime and once you get on it, you’ll start discovering a whole world behind it. New doors will open, opportunities, experiences, lessons, it’s a new life you are starting.

You start discovering things about yourself that you never even thought you were capable of. You learn how to make the comfort zone the place you most want to be. You might even embark on a spiritual journey, meditating, doing yoga, even become a writer… It’s almost as if you become a brand new person.

Spending time away from your business still forms part of your entrepreneurial journey. Spending time in nature. Taking up a hobby, like painting or dancing, all forms part of this incredible journey.

The most important lesson I learned as an entrepreneur is that YOU NEVER STOP LEARNING AND GROWING.

The three days that I spend away from my laptop, are the days that I use to re-energize myself, to realign and get inspiration. I spend time with friends and family talking about life and I listen. I learn from them, what they want in life, what they would like to do, what are their biggest fears, desires, and dreams.

And I make sure to spend a whole day by myself too. Get to know me more, get to love and accept who I am, to trust in what I have to give others is special and it’s my purpose in this life.

All the answers that you are looking for to create a successful life and business, are within you, make sure you listen and pay attention to yourself.

You see? It’s not hard after all. There’s no need to spend endless hours online, working crazy hours nor doing all the things.

Create a Business schedule and stick to it. Keep things as simple as possible and give it all your attention, dedication, and love. And always, make time for yourself and the people you care about the most...remember why you started your business in the first place.

Love, Light, be

Maria C. Krause.

Mindset & Business Mentor / Podcaster / Publisher

#Unchain Your Inner Strength podcast and online magazine

#The Rising Soulpreneur podcast and blog.

Maria C. Krause helps entrepreneurs STAND OUT and become more visible by sharing their unique stories to inspire, heal, and make a bigger impact.

She’s a strong believer that no one should ever be defined by what they have done in their life, their past is the path for everyone to find their true calling and passion in life.

We’re all humans and we make mistakes...As The Beatles would say “Live and Let Live”

Maria is an advocate of making real connections, getting to know the woman behind the business, and to empower her to be their AUTHENTIC SELF.

Through her podcast, online magazine UNCHAIN YOUR INNER STRENGTH, Maria helps entrepreneurs who lack the support they need to achieve their wildest dreams.

In November 2020, Maria is publishing her first-ever Book Collaboration, the start of her next business adventure. This book consists of 12 women sharing their unique story, the story behind the entrepreneur that led them to be where they are today. A book to inspire and empower women worldwide to discover their strengths, life purpose, and live a happier and more fulfilled life.Publishing day: TBC.

“My Inner Strength is my Freedom”, is her life motto that she lives by and even has it tattooed on her left arm as a reminder of how powerful she is and how far she has come in life.


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