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Know your worth!

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

Know your worth soul sister!

How many times have you asked for a raise at work and been told that they don't have the budget to give you that raise?

How many times you felt that you had to prove yourself over and over again, at your job or in every day life? To feel that you are worthy... That you are doing the right thing, that you are giving value to others?

How many times the next person got the promotion that you had been working hard for? To be told that you weren't good enough because of one mistake that you might have done in the past?

How many times are you going to give your best to get validation from someone else that is less qualified than you?

There comes a time when you start doubting yourself and start putting yourself down and take whatever is given to you, even when you know in your heart that you are better than what they are offering you... But here, you are, caught in a rock and a hard place. Bills need to be paid. You have worked so hard all these years that quitting sounds like a crazy and defeated thing to do.

You have given your all and beyond... Why quit now, your time will come, you are almost there.

Or so you think... And here you are again, stuck in the same old same old.

That's what they want you to believe, because it's easier for them to keep you where they want instead of bringing out your full potential.

It's and EGO thing... No one ones to see someone be better than them. In my opinion that is the saddest thing ever. It says more about the other person than yourself agreeing to keep doing your job the best you can.

Competition is healthy if you know can understand it.

Bettering yourself in every aspects of your life helps you become a better person. Someone who can actually inspire others to grow, to start believing in themselves and know that if you can do it, so can they.

That's healthy competition, not putting someone down because you can't match their skills and hard work.

Hope this inspire you to start your own business, no matter at what stage of your life you're at Both my sister and I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs, both of them in a very different way and style. My dad, in a way to prove something to the world and my mother as a "have to make the best for my two little girls". I have seen both sides since I was growing up and at a young age I decided I would do something for myself,just to make them proud mostly. . . . Wherever I moved in this world, I made sure I got myself a good job... Either in the most trendy place or the place that I would fit in. Never failed. Made crazy money and still do, because of what my parents taught me. . . Whatever you do in life, either your own business or giving a service to someone who needs your skills,do the best you can ever and make your time and self worth. Mom said "IF YOU KEEP WORKING FOR SOMEONE ELSE, YOU ARE ONLY FULFILLING THEIR DREAMS, AND NOT YOURS!"

And that is the truth... Giving you all to someone else, only stops you from living the life that you deserve to live. The life you were born to live!

We all have a unique gift special to our own, you best believe that! Think about something that you now do that makes you extremely happy, no matter what that thing is, IS YOUR GIFT! It could be organizing things, such as events or parties, or even your own wardrobe. Yes, girlfriend, that is a gift! Some people struggle when it comes to organize things, it overwhelms them.

Or what about baking; or you love numbers; or gardening; or being in charge because you now you're good at it. That is your unique skill, and yes, you might think they are million of other people in the world that might share your own skill, but that doesn't matter, because no one can do it the way you do it!





You are in the first phase to becoming an entrepreneur, because that's what being your own And that's being an ENTREPRENEUR, not new crazy ideas... Just knowing your skills and your worth! . . .




Be one of those people who tried a thousand times until they found what they were looking for... Find a meaning. That's what living your life is all about!




Love, Light, Be Maria. xxx

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