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The Unspoken Benefits of Hiring a Coach

In a group for female entrepreneurs I read a post that someone had put up asking women “How much have they spent on a coach or coaches to help them in their businesses?”. I’ve seen this question a 1000 times and usually don’t pay attention to it but what caught my attention from this one is the way it was worded, the word “SPENDING”, I just couldn’t keep my mind focused on that word so I had to say something!

When you decide to work with a coach is, in my opinion, a valuable and wise investment… Yes. INVESTMENT!

Spending is when you go buy your 50th favorite pair of shoes just so you have them to match that one outfit!

Buying that dress because it was on sale, just because, well...it was on sale but deep inside you, you know that you’ll never wear but convinced yourself that is a good spending!

Telling yourself that it was well worth it to spend all that money at a bar the night before, hanging out with people you barely like because you were too scared of your own shadow and you needed to socialize!

Buying all the makeup on discount, “is 2 for one, what a bargain!”, that you don’t even know or plan on learning how to use!


INVESTING, now, is a different ball game altogether!

Investing means that you want to better your life. You chose to get out of your f@cking comfort zone and try something new. That you are ready to seize the opportunities that the Universe has laid upon you over and over again! It means that you chose to live a life doing what you love; choosing a life where you get to be your true self, happy, joyful, fulfilled. It means that you want to pass onto others what you have learned and overcome. It means that you want to heal people from their sorrows and pains. It means that you want that beautiful Goddess to know how valuable and awesome she is and that is time she starts appreciating herself and stops dating the next loser.

INVESTING, is choosing YOU!

And here comes the part where everyone finds 1000 and 1 excuses that they don’t have nor ever will have the money to invest in a coach to better their lives or grow their business.

“I don’t have the money”; “I don’t have the time”; “At the moment I have an investment tied up in (???????)...”, this one is kinda hard to believe especially if they don’t have a business or don’t know what investing means. “I’ve done enough courses, I know what to do better than a coach, what else could they teach me?!”.

Have you ever used any of these yourself when the opportunity to work with a coach showed up your way?!!!

I know because apart from hearing them from others, I’ve used them myself… LOL

I was petrified of hiring a coach, I had used the last cash I had to invest in a network marketing company, I had no job and no savings and I had rent and bills to pay.

So I had lots of time but no money but there was a huge part of myself that wanted to succeed at all costs, I wanted the freedom that having my own business will give me… What did I do? Went and got a job, although I didn’t want to and saved enough money to hire my first coach.

This coach didn’t help me get remotely close to what I wanted to achieve in my network marketing business, on the contrary, this coach helped me see that I had a huge potential that exceeded selling products and building a team. It made me see that I had what it takes to start coaching and mentoring people to follow their dreams, their passion, to do what they really loved, no matter what that was. This coach helped me see more than my eyes could see, the big vision, my future, my real self.She helped me believe that I had something valuable to offer others, through my story, through everything I had overcome in life. Toxic relationships, heartbreaks, being locked up, lack of confidence, lack of love. Everything that I have learned from my own experience were the things that made me stronger, powerful and unique. The lessons I have learned is what will help others with their own struggles. Everything I was and who I have become will give others hope, the strength to believe in themselves too.

This coach and all the coaches that have followed after that… oh, yeah! I am a strong believer that every time to move up a step, there’s someone else out there who has gone through it first and knows how to lead the way, so, yes, I will be working with a coach as long as I can!

Each and everyone of them has helped me discover and see a new part of myself that I have been afraid of showing. A part of myself that has grown stronger and wiser, that is of more value to others. A part that will be almost a shame hiding. And as I unfold and uncover more parts of me, there’s more work to be done, easier but nonetheless vital to growing as a woman, human and an entrepreneur.

Wouldn’t you want that for yourself?

Or would you rather take a chance in yourself, believe in your power and have someone lead you and guide you?

So if you think you would rather use your money spending it in those shoes that you love so much...Think twice, when you invest in yourself and your business, you can get those shoes custom made anytime you want!

Love, Light, be

Maria C. Krause. Mindset & Business Mentor.

Founder and Owner of Unchain Your Inner Strength podcast and online magazine.

The Rising Soulpreneur podcast.

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