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2020 has been a crazy unusual year for all of us.

For some online business owners, this year was a hit and miss. Some entrepreneurs were scared of selling when the lockdown started, claiming that it was insensitive and unethical; and then others like myself, thought it was a great opportunity to help people by showing them there was another option, more secure and long-lasting.

Our whole life we have been taught to make sure we had a job, to feel secure and of course, to pay all the things that a paycheck’s purpose is, rent, bills, holidays, food, living, all that; and if we had a really good job, then we could live a more luxurious life.

And then, unexpectedly, the world turns upside down and everything we ever thought to be secure, is not anymore… and we still don’t know what’s going to happen next. The world is turning into a very different place as we know it and now it's time for our survival instincts to kick in, start adapting and find different ways to bring an income.

Crazy to think that when I first told my friends, 3 years ago, that I was starting an online business coaching and mentoring women to start their one online business; they all thought I had completely lost my mind… At that moment, I also thought I did, but I always been a bit crazy so I wasn’t going to let what their opinion stop me from going ahead and following my dreams.

After all, it was my choice and my life to live and it was up to me to live it the way I wanted to do something that I really loved.

Of course, just like every new thing that you start, I needed to learn and so I did. I started taking action and learned as much as I could about the business. I spent hours watching YouTube videos. I hired coaches who were doing what I wanted to do. I read all the books I could get my hands on. I learned loads and also unlearned all the things that didn’t serve me anymore. I took action.

I didn’t make a penny in the first year of my business.

In the second year, I made about $300.

And now, in my third year, I am finally hitting consistent $5K months.

I went from being completely broke to pay all my debts and have a bank account that keeps on growing every day.

How did I do it?

There are a few factors that helped me with my success and if you’re ready, I’d love to share them with you.

I believe that each and every one of you has what it takes to be successful… It’s time that YOU believe it too!

First and most importantly, I STOPPED FOLLOWING TRENDS. I had spent the first two years in my business, following everything that was out there.

  • Building a Facebook group that didn’t get anywhere.

  • Trying to go LIVE when my energy was all over the place.

  • Narrowing my niche to the teeth, word by word what I do, and how.

  • Hanging out in the places my potential clients hang out.

  • Joining every Facebook group out there.

  • Trying to jump in every podcast when I already had my own.

You name it and I did it. All the trends.

At one point, I lost count of all the things I was trying to do. I had signed for 1000s freebies and never even opened one of them. I was following what the experts were saying and nothing was working. It was insane!

I wasn’t getting anywhere. I had to stop!

Instead of following trends, I started following my heart.

I know it might sound a bit woohoo when you first read it and you might wonder how in the hell your following your heart would give you more results than the strategies from the experts?

It’s simple actually, what works for someone might not work for you and vice versa; so no one can guarantee you that whatever strategy that worked for them, will also work for you.

Here’s the thing, a good coach will guide you to find yourself, to find what works best for you, even when you are not 100% sure what that is. A good coach will help you discover that and more. Their job is not to convert you into a “MINI ME” and do all the things they do, quite the opposite; their job is to help you build a foundation where you start feeling more confident and secure of who you are and what you do. A coach is there for support when you needed the most, the times you want to cry, and want to give up.

A coach is there to help you become more of the woman you were born to be!

Mindset is everything when it comes to build your business and to be honest, that might be the hardest thing to work on. For some people, it’s something completely new and they can’t fully understand what does exactly entitles and how important it is…. And it requires consistent work, from you, every day.

The biggest breakthrough I had this year when I dove deeply into Mindset work was to realize that the reason why I wasn’t booking any clients wasn’t that I was afraid of rejection as most people claim it to be. In my case it was the opposite, I was so afraid that someone would actually say YES to me that it scared the sh*t out of me. The doubts started creeping “What if they say yes and I can’t deliver the results I promised?”; “What if they say yes and I disappoint them?”; “What if I don’t really have anything to give them?”. That’s what was going through my mind every time I would get on a sales call, not the fear of being told NO, the YES really scared me.

I had to start asking myself why? Where was this fear coming from?

Two years in business do teach you loads so why was I still doubting myself?

The answers came to me easily once I pinpointed what my fear was. All my years in school I was always getting great notes, top of my class, and on the last year, I failed an exam, out of pure laziness. My parents weren’t happy, although I had spent my whole school years being the best I could, they made sure I would remember for the rest of my life how I failed because of that only one exam. There you have it, where my fear of YES started.

Once I was able to work through that, I could move on, forgive myself and my parents for their reaction. I no longer have to carry this feeling of “failure” with me.

You see why its so important to work on your Mindset now?!

Once I was able to break through this feeling I was ready now to move to phase two:


This is one of the most valuable lessons I learned from my latest coach. This advice helped me searching for all the things that I made myself believe I needed and start using all the things I have to give others.

You started a business because you believed that you have something unique to offer that will make a difference in someone else’s life so, why are you doubting yourself now, thinking that you are missing something to be successful? If you really think about it, it makes no sense at all. It only creates more doubts in your mind and you start making yourself feel small once again.

You know more about your expertise than your clients do, and that’s what they are looking to learn from you, not what you don’t know but what you already know that has given you the results they are looking for.

Don’t be afraid of offering it to them. They are in front of you for a reason and it’s your duty to offer them the solutions to their problems.

Someone else has done it for you in the past, now it’s your turn. What you have it’s already valuable so STEP INTO YOUR POWER! With strength and conviction. With love and kindness. With compassion and realness. BE YOU!


And that’s OK.

It’s your business and you chose who you want to work with. Don’t work with someone just to make a quick buck, you’ll regret it after. If you are not in full alignment with someone, it will be more harmful, for both sides.

My clients are like Soul Sisters to me, women who I can talk about anything and everything. I learned from them as much as they learn from me, it’s a two-way street. They have experienced things I haven’t and vice versa.

At the start of this year, I was going to sign a client and as excited, I was to help her in her journey, I realized that we were not the right fit. She was looking for a quick fix and I wasn’t the right person who could deliver that for her. And to be honest, I don’t know anyone who could, no matter how much they claim they do.

Life is not a quick fix and neither building a business. You will find yourself facing obstacles every time you get out of your comfort zone, they are necessary for your success. They help you learn and grow, discover more of who you are born to be.

Work your business from your heart, this is not the first or last time you will read something along these lines. Take a look at the people who are the most successful in your industry and you will notice that they all lead with love, soul, and a whole lot of authenticity!

That’s how I jumped from being absolutely broke to consistent 5K months, after 3 years in business, in a crazy year as 2020.

If I can, YOU CAN TOO!

Love, Light, be

Maria C. Krause.

Mindset & Business Mentor / Podcaster / Publisher

#Unchain Your Inner Strength podcast and online magazine

#The Rising Soulpreneur podcast and blog.

Maria C. Krause helps entrepreneurs STAND OUT and become more visible by sharing their unique stories to inspire, heal, and make a bigger impact.

She’s a strong believer that no one should ever be defined by what they have done in their life, their past is the path for everyone to find their true calling and passion in life.

We’re all humans and we make mistakes..As The Beatles would say “Live and Let Live”

Maria is an advocate of making real connections, getting to know the woman behind the business, and to empower her to be their AUTHENTIC SELF.

Through her podcast, online magazine UNCHAIN YOUR INNER STRENGTH, Maria helps entrepreneurs who lack the support they need to achieve their wildest dreams.

In November 2020, Maria is publishing her first-ever Book Collaboration, the start of her next business adventure. This book consists of 12 women sharing their unique story, the story behind the entrepreneur that led them to be where they are today. A book to inspire and empower women worldwide to discover their strengths, life purpose, and live a happier and more fulfilled life.Publishing day: TBC.

“My Inner Strength is my Freedom”, it’s her life’s motto that she lives by and even has it tattooed on her left arm as a reminder of how powerful she is and how far she has come in life.


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