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Feeling burnout with social media...Is time to recharge

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

If you ever feel you're lacking on creativity for your online business; feeling that nothing you do is working; or simply are tired of trying to be in a thousand groups, commenting and liking...Then is a sign that you are feeling burnout and is time to STOP, TAKE A STEP BACK AND RECHARGE.

You are not going anywhere and neither is your business; and as we all know, "our health is our wealth", both mentally and physically.

Recently I was feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, no matter how much time I was dedicating into growing my online coaching business, I felt drained; and no matter how much motivation I was trying to come up with, the Universe seemed to have other plans for me.

I had to stop and take a break, remind myself that Life is here and I have to enjoy it as much as I enjoy working on my business.... Little did I know, I wasn't the only one feeling this way. I came across a few of my fellow coaches who were feeling the pressure and burnout that comes with building a business and feeling that we have to be present 24-7 on social media, in fear that we wouldn't be taking serious or not being as consistent enough.

Once again... Time to STOP AND RECHARGE.

No matter how much you trying to do, sometimes the best thing to do, is DO NOTHING, and allow the Universe to guide us where we need to go. As much as we'd like to control everything, we have to remind ourselves that at the end of the day, we are just humans and if we want to help others, we must start by helping ourselves first. Once our cup is full, we are more inclined to have the energy, knowledge and strength to help others. Don't you agree?

As a Mindset and Business coach who works exclusively online, I had to learn when is time to take a break, and I don't mean, the quick ones that we do while working, coffee, bathroom, some food if we remember. I convince myself that I had to work double as hard to make it happen, specially because I am still working a part time job so on the days that I am off, I am working on my business as much as I can... And guess what, I completely forgot to live! Part of me kept telling myself, that the faster you grow your business and replace the income and more, the more freedom I would have to do all the things I love...which is absolutely true, and that's the reason why a vast majority of entrepreneurs start their business, to have more freedom and enjoy life on our own terms.

But what happens, when we forget about everything that's going on around us and we end up doing the same thing we were doing while working a full time job?

BURNOUT! And from burnout comes lack of motivation, procrastination, fear, doubts, blank moments, and everything in between. So how do we recharge and get back in the flow and avoid this ever happening again?

For starter, we have to remind ourselves how awesome and powerful we are, celebrate and be grateful for how far we have come and how much we have accomplished. At the end of the day, I believe that business is 80% mindset work and the rest is the strategies that we apply that work best for ourselves and the way we want to build and grow our business.

I find journaling one of the best methods to get back in touch with our inner strength. By journaling your thoughts and feelings, you can map out what you need to move forward without feeling guilt of taking a break and enjoy some more quality time with those ones you love, doing other things that you love, non business related.

Remember: Rome wasn't build in a day! Everything that is worth fighting for, takes time and patience; that can only be build when we trust ourselves enough and believe in our superpowers and what we have to offer the world and serve others at our best of abilities.


Whether you use your phone or laptop to work on your business, I highly advice to turn all social media notifications on both... No worries, you can still check them when you have time, they won't go anywhere. By turning them off, you'll be more present in the moment, spending time with your loved ones; "me time"; having lunch with a friend; a yoga class. Those are the moments that count, and believe it or not, when you take time to be fully present in those moments, listen and interact, you're creativity will sky rocket! There is so much marketing research that can be done with us even noticing when we have a conversation with someone who's sitting right next to us!


You don't have to be in all of the social media platforms, some may resonate with you more than others and in some you'll feel more comfortable than others... Use the ones that make you happy! It'll be easier for you to attract your soul clients, you'll be more genuine and things will flow much easier when you work in the places you want; don't you agree?

For a long time, I thought I had to be everywhere if I wanted to get noticed: twitter for my online magazine; Facebook for clients and network; Instagram because I love it; Linkedin because is a business platform; and Gosh knows how many more. Now I just hang out in the places where I feel happy and I find that it has been much easier to surround myself with the people that are looking for what I have to offer.

TIP: Think where would you like to hang out the most if you were a client looking for your services.


I have been doing this for quite a while now, and trust me, is one of the best things that I could have done for myself and my business!

Treat your business as a business: opening and closing hours, social media interaction, networking, posting, creating, selling.

To make it easier, I give you a simple example: When you had your job, or for those who still have to work while building their businesses; you go in at a certain time and get off at a certain time, you don't take your job with you home, and at best, you don't have to answer any calls, emails or anything related to work; you do it only when you are at work.

Same applies to your business, schedule times and days out of the week to interact on social media. Most groups do self promo the same days, usually Wednesday, some on Thursday, if there's anything you need to promote, so it on these days. You can promote and have a look at what others are looking for: self-promo and marketing research all in one! BOOM!

TIP: Make sure to schedule this task once you are done filling your cup first!


As I mentioned earlier in this post, Journaling is one of the most important activities you should start implementing into your daily routine; is one of the most important ways to FILL UP YOUR CUP FIRST.

Create a morning routine that will help you start the day feeling more focused and motivated to accomplish your daily goals. I like to start with a guided mediation, usually is about 10 to 15 minutes long; then I drink a big glass of water, stretch and go to the gym and do my daily routine. I consider that my "me time", it makes me feel better and leaves me pumped up with energy and good mood for the rest of the day.

Once I get home, I journal, what I'm grateful for, what I want in my life and business, my affirmations, and what I want my day to be like and I make sure to set an intention to stay focus and in route, that way if unexpected things have to happen, I know they are for a reason and I am strong enough to overcome them and find a solution.



Your gift, skills and knowledge is what makes you unique and special; is important that you look after your mind, soul and body; the more you do things for yourself, the better you can be of help and service to others. You don't want your clients to go through burnouts and frustration, you want to teach them there's is time for everything, right?!...So don't do to yourself what you don't wish on others.

If you find this helpful, please drop a comment, let me know what your thoughts are.

Be proud of what you are doing and what you are accomplishing, because of people like you there are more souls stepping into their power!

Love, Light, BE

Maria C. Krause. Mindset & Business Coach

Ps.: Check out our podcast, @therisingsoulpreneur where I share more tips and advice on how to run an online business from the soul.

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