• Maria C. Krause

Fear, my BFF!

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

How to understand that Fear is just an illusion created by people who were to stuck up on their own ways, and I am not saying this in a demeanor way... not at all! I think that FEAR is something that's been passed on to one person to another, one generation to the next one, based on their own personal experience.

When you were a child, how many times did mom or dad said "Don't talk to strangers!"; or "Don't do that because the lady or man, who you didn't know, was going to get angry"; or when you wanted to go to college and everyone around you advice you to take a test to make sure that you go for something that is suitable and according to the skills that you had then?

Did anyone ever tell you that you could be more?

That you could do more?

That you could learn more?

That you can experience more?

How would you have felt if instead of stopping you from learning something that it was completely different from everything you ever knew, but brought happiness and joy to your life... How would that have made an impact in your life?

Would that had given you the confidence and motivation to go after what you wanted... Or made you doubt, "I am not capable of doing this because I never experienced it or have any clue about it all!"

For a long time people were driven by FEAR, both in positive and negative ways, mostly on negative, thinking that that's the way they will get the best out of you... FEAR!

Loosing you job!

Not getting the promotion!

What would your family think of you!

The consequences that will bring if you don't do what you were told to do! All out of FEAR!

Anxiety creeps in... Feeling of not being worth! Doubts, "Am I good enough?", "Can I do this?", "Would I be IN if I do what I'm expected to do?"

There's something we have to be clear on when it comes to FEAR. We all FEAR different things, because we are all different.

Some people FEAR snakes. Some people FEAR spiders. Some people FEAR knowing who they are.

I was one of those people. I spent my whole life searching for approval, wanting to know if I was good enough; If my haircut was "IN"; If my style of clothes were "TRENDY"; If what I was doing as a Mindset and Business Coach what people were looking for... I was afraid of showing up in case someone would judge me because my ego was getting in the way.

I had been hurt and let down so many times before that if something else would happen, I would go into the "Fuck them mode! They don't know me!", and try to crawl back in my comfort zone where I was the only one and the best.



Once again strolling in and showing its face!

This time I am ready and prepared... I seen you from miles, coming through. Thinking you're going to break me me... Not know, GO AWAY, you are someone else's FEAR, not mines to take.



"I AM ME!"



And I know that you are NOT REAL!

Love, Light, BE

Maria C. Krause. Mindset and Business Coach.

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