• Maria C. Krause

Don't give up...You're one step away to achieving your dreams!

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

There are things in life that we need to let go to be able to be who we really were meant to be!

We all have our unique story, a life lesson that has taught us, experiences that we've gone through, people that made an impact in our live, for the better or worst... All a combination of lessons that helps us to be better, to embrace who we are...

What we done in our past doesn't define us, is what's put in our paths to learn and grow, to become better and better, to love who we are and do what we love.

And to find that road to freedom, we have to start by finding who we are, get back to the core, of the things that made us happy, the things that made us feel our lives had a meaning, that we had something to look forward and to put our full soul power and emotions to make it happen.

Everything you do is attach to an emotion, on what makes you smile, on what makes you look forward to live your life to the fullest, what puts a smile in your face each and every day.




Let your emotions lead you.

Let them guide you.

Let your feminine side shine through.

Let your instincts, the fire in your belly find your alignment.




Once you let that flow, everything will make sense, the pieces in the puzzle will find its way.

Success is about find yourself first and what you love... Being YOU and NOT what society expect from you.

You don't have to be in every freaking platform just because that's what you been told to do, to get your word out there, to be noticed.

Keep doing what you're doing, what your heart and soul calls up to... Be YOU in its full power and uniqueness... The rest will follow. The Universe is always looking out for us and it will provide when the time is right.

Love, Light, BE

Maria C. Krause. xxx

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