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Authenticity... How to rediscover yourself when you don't know who you are!

How to be your Authentic self when you don’t know who you are?

Authenticity, we hear this world a lot, specially now that women are finding their strength and their voice but what happens when for a long time all you’ve been doing is trying to fit in in places where you didn’t actually belong and you forgot how to be your Authentic self?

Our true self is inside us, trying to get out. You know those moments when you’re having a conversation with someone and part of you disagrees about the other person’s opinion but instead of speaking our true, we chose to stay quiet and agree with everything is been said?

How many times you found yourself in a situation where you rather avoid conflict than actually expressing your opinion?

As children, we have no filter, we meet someone, we click and life is all precious and peachy… and same when as children, we didn’t like someone, we said it and moved on; didn’t even bother trying to figure out why we didn’t click, we accepted it and kept playing with the ones we did like.

As we grow up and hit adolescence, things get trickier, we feel the need to be liked, to be accepted, to belong; and in most cases that leads into doing our saying what the bunch is saying, in fear of being left out or disliked by who we really are.

Is a constant battle with ourselves, wanted to be accepted and allowed our true selves to shine bright. But you know deep inside, something is not right. You’re constantly watching what you say; how you behave; being careful of not being that person that is different “The Black Sheep”; and slowly you start loosing sight of who you really are and the person you’re pretending to be.

Find it who you are is a journey that is best experienced by one self. Going back to your roots, to the things that made your heart smile; the things that sparked your soul; the things that you loved doing before someone else told you you weren’t capable or good enough to do.

Removing toxic people and situations out of your life is one of the first and most important steps to take when you want to find your Authentic self.

Toxic people and situations are presented in a variety of ways. It might be that friend who’s constantly bouncing her frustrations and failures onto you, telling you that you don’t have what it takes to succeed, who’s trying, subconsciously, based on her own experiences in life, to bring you at her level instead of encouraging you to rise and thrive.

Situations that no longer help your growth. In my case, I stopped socializing with people who they only goal in life was to get drunk and high. Those were situations were no longer I wanted to be, they didn’t bring any joy into my life, the contrary, they made me feel more isolated and lonely, although I was surrounded by a bunch of people.

I have to be honest, at first it wasn’t easy, the phone had stopped ringing on the weekends, I felt like I had no social life anymore… But the desire to be my Authentic self was stronger and more powerful than another night out spent doing something that would leave more broken than healed the next day.

Take a moment to think if you ever found yourself in a similar situation, or if you’re going through it right at this time and moment while reading this blog.

The signs are always around us, screaming, manifesting, showing us that you have another chance to rediscover yourself, to be the woman you were born to be, to be your Authentic self!

The next step to rediscovering your Authentic self, once again, I am going to remind you Queen...It’s in within you, your true self has never left you, she’s just been a bit quiet waiting for you to experience life and come back to her when the time is right!

Grab pen and paper and start writing your story, everything you can remember since the moment you start remembering… Every detail, every emotion, every feeling, every experience, every achievement, every lesson, every heartbreak, every love, every passion… ALL OF IT! RECONNECT WITH YOURSELF WITH YOUR OWN STORY, from your own eyes, from your heart, from your truth.

I have to admit, it wasn’t the easiest thing to do, at first I didn’t know where to start…

Unfortunately when we’re still in the process of healing, we tend to remember the things that hurt us the most, the things that went wrong in your life, but you know what, from all the hurt and the heartbreaks, we are still here, stronger, ready to come back to our Authentic selves and we have to be grateful for that part as well as all the good.

So think about the outcomes that you’ve got from those moments, think about the lessons, the feeling that it gave you when you finally broke through!

And keep on writing Queen, write until this very same moment where you are, here, sitting with your pen and paper rediscovering your Authentic self. That’s how we rediscover the power in within us, the strength that makes us want to live a better life, to be ourselves and love ourselves crazy and unconditionally.

Your story matters!

You matter!

Your Authentic self matters!

Love, Light, BE

Maria C. Krause. Mindset & Business Mentor.

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