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A story of self-discovery and Soul Purpose

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Hi Sunshine, 

I'm Maria C. Krause and I love being happy! 

I enjoy a good chat, laugh, share experiences, and make new friends! I love nature and everything that this amazing world has to offer us.

Just like everyone, I have a story, and today I would like to share it with you, so that you know you are not alone and that we all had our own share of challenges and wins in life. 

It's my mission in life to inspire other women find their true self; fill their heart with confidence and belief that they can achieve anything they put their mind and soul into.

"No two people are alike. No two stories are alike. We are all different and unique in our own way! Is time we embrace it and empower it!"


Close your eyes for a second, relax and imagine what your life would be like if you could be the most confident woman in the world?  

Every time I find myself wanting to tell other women what I had to do to build my inner confidence and belief in myself, I can’t help to shed few tears. I have to pinch myself to remember this is not a dream… It’s the beautiful reality I now live in.


I have now realized that I could help other women who are now feeling broken and lost, like I did at some point of my life; from a place of true Zen and happiness.  

I am here to share with you how my unique daily routine has changed myself and my life forever. And yes, it can work for you too beautiful.


You can skip the blog post where I pour my life and heart out, to reassure you that by taking part in a short program just a year ago, hugely increased my self confidence and belief in myself.  

Some of you might be thinking “I am confident enough with myself, I don’t need this”. If you are honestly happy with yourself, I applaud you and fire fireworks into the sky for you, woooohoooooo!  

But if you are the type that keeps falling into bad relationships; keeps getting fired from jobs; or is working a job that you absolutely hate but are too afraid to leave because you think you’re not capable of doing anything else...then beautiful, I can help you.

Over a year ago, when I decided to start my business, there were people everywhere waiting to teach me “How to run my business”. There were people in my own team telling me I wasn’t doing things right, although I was doing everything that my gut was telling me to; and if you know me by now, most of my decisions are based on how my instincts make me feel.


I was being told that by following 3 simple steps, I would be able to up level my business.

I signed up for business courses that I wasn’t emotionally nor mentally ready for. I was constantly being reminded how simple it all was, but here I was, beating myself up for not reaching my targets, I was feeling like a complete loser. I considered giving up on numerous occasions, but it is simply not in my nature, and I pride myself for it.  

For most women, admitting that they are insecure about themselves is very hard. I had to take a break and seriously analyze what aspects of my life needed to improve. I realized I wasn’t reaching the targets I wanted in my business not because I didn’t put the work and effort necessary but because I wasn’t believing in myself enough, I didn’t think I was able to become successful.



What mental and emotional freedom means to me is that I no longer have to change who I am to feed someone else’s insecurities. It means, I no longer need someone else’s approval or reassurance that I am a beautiful special woman, inside and out. I no longer need the reassurance of a boss telling me how good I am at my job. I no longer feel the need to have a man telling me lies just so I can boost my self confidence just for that moment. I no longer feel the need to compare myself to other women. I no longer feel the need to be someone else that I’m not.


I am FREE!!! For the first time on my 38 young years, I feel I am the woman I always wanted to be!  

To be able to reach mental and emotional freedom, I had to learn who I was and which were the main areas in my personal life that needed to be transformed, so I could start loving myself again. I guarantee you that by following 5 simple steps that I would like to share with you throughout my life changing program , "YOUR INNER GODDESS IN FULL POWER”; you will be able to start your journey to a better you, a better life.

You’ll learn how to make better choices for yourself; you will learn how to say “NO” without feeling selfish and most importantly, you will love yourself more than ever before and that will give you the self confidence you need to build the life you truly want. Have you ever been trapped in a relationship where you felt you couldn’t be yourself?

No more feelings of worthlessness, no more self doubt and anxiety about your future. No more being trapped in a vicious circle of a routine that may be slowly pulling you into a state of depression?




I have traveled around the world, lived in many exciting cities such as Barcelona, New York, Istanbul and Buenos Aires. I made friends and unfriend all kind of people. I got myself in all sorts of troubles and adventures. I even ended up in federal prison in Puerto Rico for overstaying my 3 months visa in America for about...ehmm...5 and a half years! Jail was something that I never thought it would happen to me, I thought only people who did bad things went to jail. Ha, I kept using that phrase you always hear in any movie when the main character goes to prison, “ I’m innocent, they made a mistake, I shouldn’t be here!”.  

I spent almost a month in federal prison which you might think it’s not that long, but imagine how would you feel if you were in my shoes. So far away from home, with no money, away from the people you love, and the hardest part, is that I had to start all over again, they had given me a ten year ban so I couldn’t even go back to collect any of my belongings. A new chapter in my story had to begin. I’m sharing all this with you so you can get an idea of what kind of person I am and why the next part of my story made such a huge impact in my life and how it all changed for me.  

What I learned through my experiences is, that the moment you stop feeling sorry for yourself and the things you have gone through, is the moment you start embracing the lessons you’ve learned from those moments and you realized why “everything happens for a reason”. This is part of my story and I want to use it to inspire you. 



I dated men from different races, from different cultures, backgrounds and social statues. But never ever had I fallen in love before the way I would fall in love this time.


It all started when he became my best friend, we were inseparable. I was dating someone else at the time, who wasn’t particularly nice and my best friend kept reminding me how beautiful and special I was and how I should be with someone who treated me the way I deserved. All beautiful words and gestures. If I was sick with the flu, he would make it his mission to stop by, bring me medicine or anything I wanted, and to spend time with me. Then, suddenly, we were in love. Everything happened so fast, only a few months after dating, we moved in together, we got a little munchkin, an English bulldog called Hob Knob, like the biscuits. Life was beautiful, I was madly in love and happy.


Hey...life is not like the movies, and love stories are not always pretty in pink.  

The trouble with this supposed love story is that we had a very toxic relationship which involved a lot of toxic elements. I honestly don’t want to start naming them all, I don’t want to break my Mom’s heart if she ever reads this blog.  

Throughout my whole life I had the affinity of always liking and chasing the wrong guy. My relationship with my dad was very hard; when I was a child, we were almost inseparable, we shared the love for food and traveling. My parents divorced when both my sister Pia and I were teenagers, and after that, our relationship with dad changed drastically.


Every time we would go visit him, he would have something bad to say about our Mom, then he’ll get frustrated and angry because we defended her. We grew up watching our parents constantly fight, my mother being beat up and then making up because she was so afraid of leaving him. You see, Mom, was far from home, she’s from the Philippines and we were living in Argentina. Mom had no close family, no degree, had never worked in Argentina and her Spanish wasn’t the best; and financially, she had nothing.  

It’s crazy how life is always trying to show you something. There’s always an opportunity presenting in front of us to better our lives; it’s only up to us to see it and take it or to ignore and keep living our lives being miserable and unhappy.  

My toxic relationship was no different from what my Mom had gone through with my father. Everything he loved about me was now an issue. Everything I did, wasn’t good enough. All my strengths were now an inconvenient. What once was recreational became a habit for him, and I was tired of it. I was no longer beautiful, smart or fun. Why couldn’t I be like the other girls that held their liquor and party even harder? You’ve CHANGED! And you know what Beautiful...I had, or at least I was trying, I knew I didn’t want my life to continue down that road, I want better things for myself and us,as a couple. But needless to say, I was the only one, US didn’t exist anymore.  

I started developing serious health challenges, IBS, skin conditions and slowly but surely, I fell into depression. No shortly after, everything turned into a nightmare; there was the constant mental and emotional abuse and that lead to physical abuse. I had hit rock bottom, the person I loved the most turn out to be a complete stranger. I wanted to crawl up in a ball and disappear forever.  

I couldn’t take it anymore so I asked my Mom for help. She gathered money together and bought my flight to Argentina, I needed to be home, I needed Mom’s love. Looking back now, I am thankful for having gone through this experience, I believe this was one of the biggest opportunities that life has offered me to start living the life I always wanted and to become the woman I always wanted to be. 

I was on my journey to find Freedom!


Back at home I started to make changes by looking after my physical health first. I became vegetarian, I stopped drinking alcohol and I started to do the things I enjoyed the most. I started exercising again, I took up yoga, boot camp and jogging to clear my head. I began writing again, one of my favorite hobbies as a teenager. By putting things in writing, I could express myself the way I couldn’t do through speaking. I reflected long and hard what I wanted for myself and the most important people in my life, my Mom and my sister Pia. I knew that I had to make changes for myself and for them too, they are my priority, they are the driving force behind everything I do, they are my WHY.  

After 6 months, I came back to Dublin, it was hard, scary, I didn’t know what was I going to find myself with...to my surprise, most things hadn’t changed, he was still doing the same things, only now with a different girl...But I had changed and that was the most important thing.  

I’ll be absolutely honest with you lovey, changing wasn’t easy. Change can be lonely at times, people disappear, friends are not friends anymore...but that’s OK, it gives you the Freedom to start your life again and find a beautiful tribe that wants the same things in life that you want.  



Let me share with you the problem I’ve seen most women I know struggling with. We grew up thinking that in order to be a complete woman, you had to find your other half. Now, every time I hear this, I just burst out laughing. How naive and selfish are we to think that is up to someone else to make us feel complete. We are all fighting our own demons and learning how to become a better person, how the hell are we supposed to do that for someone else too?!

Why I can help you on your own journey...

For many years I have transformed myself and my life, adapting to different cultures, people and beliefs...without ever losing myself and my true values. I have been through hell and back so many times and I found that the key relies in not giving up on yourself.


Throughout my whole life, my Mom has been my biggest inspiration and muse and the driving force to do the things I do, good and not so good...sorry Mom! I promise I’ll make it up to you!  

I’ve been in college twice only to realize that the best education you can get is through the lessons that life gives you. I have worked with many different people since I’ve started my business journey and they all promised me they were going to help me change my life… To be honest, until I was mentally and emotionally ready, I was able to find my magic mentor, someone I connected with because I felt, same as I, she had the best interest in her heart to help myself and other women succeed! But until then I didn’t believe I could trust someone again, not only because of everything I have gone through in my life, but mainly because I didn’t have the confidence to believe I could be successful.  

"You have what it takes to achieve everything you ever wanted and more!"

Through my unique program “YOUR INNER GODDESS IN FULL POWER", I have learned that the only person who can make me complete, is yourself, no one else. You have to make the decision in your heart and soul, and trust the process. 

By breaking bad old habits and replacing them with simple steps to a better you, you’ll be able to transform yourself into the woman you always wanted to be.  

I’m not saying I’m perfect or that my life is perfect, I have my days too. What I do know, is that I am me, and I love every little bit of myself, inside and out, and if there is something I don’t love that much then I will work as hard as I can to reverse that feeling.  

It is my mission in life to help you break those bad habits that are stopping you from your true you. Help me break the ongoing stereotype that women are envy and jealous of one another, and let’s inspire and empower one another instead!  

You are unique. Learn how to love and believe in yourself. Be you!

Love, Light, BE

Maria C. Krause. Mindset and Business Coach. Founder and Owner of UNCHAIN YOUR INNER STRENGTH podcast and online magazine. @therisingsoulpreneur podcast


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