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The road to the unknown... Finding yourself!

Updated: May 7, 2019

Have you ever been in a roller coaster in your life?

If you have, then what I am going to share with you is going to resonate and bring you back to the first feeling you had while jumping on it the first time... And if you haven't, this is pretty much what it feels like, no different than life itself.

You jump in, scared AF but knowing that no matter what, you're going to make the best of it because you are ready to try something new, challenging what you have never done before... Just for the sake of it, or just to feel alive again... Adrenaline rushing all over your body, from your toes to your finger nails... YEP! That's the feeling! Your heart is pumping! You're sweating like hell! Your best friend beside you telling you that everything is going to be alright and this is going to be the fun ride of your lifetime, you're in this together, no matter what.

The safety belts are locked.

The person in charge is announcing that the ride is about to start and asks everyone if they are ready to have some fun!

It's all ready and done!

Ready to go and there's no looking back... No escape... You're already in.

And as much as your mind is screaming out "GET ME OUT OF HERE!", you know you will look silly or coward if you decide to jump out on the last minute, and the fear of someone judging you is bigger than the fear of going through with this adventure.


















Blood is rushing up!

Adrenaline is off the charts!

Fear keeps crawling up!

Excitement kicks in!

Proud takes its turn!

More excitement!

And then...more fear!

It's up and down, turns and twists... Not knowing what will happen next... Not knowing where you will end up next.

All part of a game... Part of something created to bring your emotions back up again. To make you feel alive!

Part of something created to trust the Universe and whatever it has planned for you!

The road to finding yourself is no different...

Is unknown!

Is exciting!

Is scary AF!

It brings proud and bravery that were hidden in your soul and where ready to burst and shine through.

It brings the best of you... Like in the roller coaster, sitting next to your best friend and trusting them to make this fun ride something to remember for the rest of your life.

The difference that in this case you are alone, your best friend is yourself and this roller coaster is your journey to find yourself.

Hold on tight to yourself and your beliefs!

Hold on tight to who you are... Because who you are is what's going to get you through every step of the way, every challenge, every fearful moment, every doubt...





Your best fried and you, in a roller coaster, going through your different emotions and thoughts...

No matter how close you are, you feel and live different things and emotions... NOW is YOU and only YOU, getting to know who you really are and what makes you the unique and powerful person that you are!

No matter how hard it is... Is your journey and is it you that comes out feeling accomplished and proud of who you are and what you are capable of.

It's like magic... Like a trick that you would only see in movies or on people that you admire... Is YOU in its full potential, being who you truly are and loving yourself from your toes to your finger nails.







Life is a roller coaster, with it ups, downs and in between... Every twist is a lesson and every slide is a growth.

Give yourself a chance to experience it and make it happen... You owe it to yourself.

How much easier life would be if you stopped pretending being someone else and be yourself instead, because, let's be honest, is so freaking exhausting to always trying to live up to someone else expectations on how you should be or how you should behave; or what you should be doing!

Remind yourself every day how awesome you are, how unique and beautiful you are and how you have everything it takes to do whatever you set up your mind and soul to do.

And when in doubt, ask yourself these questions, make sure that when you answered them, you are being completely honest with yourself:

- Why am I so afraid to show you I really am?

- Is it out of fear of not being liked?

- Fear of not being accepted?

- Fear of not being consider "cool"enough to fit in with the rest?

- What if who I really am is not what they want?

- What if I end up alone because no one would like the real me?

Can I ask you, how did you feel while you were reading these questions?

Did it touch a nerve?

Or did you feel silly just thinking about all this?

Or it actually made you laugh until you cry by the simple thought of someone even asking these questions to themselves?

However you felt in this moment, I want you to dig deeper and actually think if this is all real or is just your mind playing tricks on you?

Sometimes we can be our worst enemy, and we don't do that in purpose or with any bad intentions; most people have been told more negative things about themselves, even been bullied at some stage in their lives that they start believing it, and that's why they create a different version of themselves, so that hopefully those negative remarks will go away forever.

What you need to understand is that what others think or say about you, is honestly, none of your business...Simple as that! Most people project their insecurities onto others, so they can feel better about themselves, is a coping mechanism to protect themselves and in the process they end up hurting others with their words and actions.

When this happens, remove yourself from the victim prospective and remind yourself that how they feel, has nothing to do with who you are. Is their own baggage to deal with and is not yours to take on.

Being who you truly are is the best gift you can gift yourself.

You'll start attracting your Soul Friends, the right relationships for you; the right job or business opportunities; start living a more freely and happy life; just by BEING YOU!

So stop holding back on who you are and start being!

Love yourself crazy and unconditionally!

Love, Light, BE

Maria. XXX

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