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Updated: Jul 26, 2019

When there's so many voices around you... Turn it all off and listen to the one person who knows you the best: YOURSELF!


That's it felt all around me last year when I decided to go in this powerful adventure of becoming a Mindset and Business Coach.

Loud noises and voices from outside and in within...

➡️Are you sure you can do this (insert your name)?

➡️What if you don't have the skills it takes to help others, to make a difference?

➡️What if they end up worst than when they started with you? (Yeah, that came up too!)

➡️You have no idea of running a business, and forget about doing it online, you suck with computers!

➡️Give it a year and if you don't make any money, then go back to your old job.

➡️Business people: A year is what takes to know if it's worth it or not.


I kept thinking... Is this ever going to stop?

Did I really make the right choice?

I keep bumping into challenges, over and over again... Is this really worth it?





Every step you take forward is worth much more than any 3 steps backwards that you do. Is all about over coming those fears, silence the LOUD NOISES AND VOICES, and listen to your inner soul.

Trust your guts! Trust your soul! Trust yourself!





This whole year I have accomplished more things than I have in the last almost 40 years of my life... Or at least I get to appreciate it and cherished more than I use to.

Every step that I take forward makes me stronger and wiser... Helps me overcome those 3 steps backwards that I have.

Because, yes... I'll be absolutely honest, it's not easy. When you think that you are almost there, the doubts kick in again and you start listening and paying attention to the old you, to the old things that were familiar and comfortable for you because in fairness, is easier to complain and moan about your life than actually take the actions to change it.. Would you agree with me?

No wonder why most people get stuck in the same old same old.

There were times that I wish I could be one of those people, until the Universe send me one more sign, another lesson in life to put myself together and keep on going... Keep growing and thriving!

Who gives a shit if I messed up last week by getting absolutely drunk and stupid... It's in the past already and that's where it should remain. Another lesson learned and moving on to the next.

I fail and I get up... I fail again and I keep going. And then once again.

That's what life is for... Not to get stuck in the same old habits and hoping that you're life will magically be the way you want.

Who's the crazy now, thinking that way or me keep pushing through no matter what?!!!!

Give yourself a chance and go out there... Forget the LOUD NOISES AND VOICES... Your strength and your power will soon have them vanish and all you'll ever hear is the sound of success!

I couldn't be more grateful for the choices I made and for the actions I have taken so far.

Thank you for all the women that are in my life that help me and believe in me... Together we are stronger! Love you all!

Life is what we make of it... Get off your fucking ass and start living it!

Love, Light. BE

Maria C. Krause.

Mindset and Business Coach. @therisingsoulpreneur

Founder and Owner at Unchain Your Inner Strength online magazine and podcast.

The Rising Soulpreneur podcast.

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