• Maria C. Krause

Live and Let LIVE!


Judging... Naming... Stereotyping... Pointing fingers...

Who are we to judge, to label and identify someone by the actions they did when we met them.


Life takes us through different paths, at some point we meet and at some point we go apart.. That doesn't makes us better or worst than the next person, is what destiny has in stall for us. Is what is going to help us elevate ourselves or stay on the same level forever.

I can't put myself in your shoes and neither can you... Your story is yours and mine is mines!

That doesn't mean that one is less or more valuable than the other one. it's just our story, our life, our lessons, our journey to a better self... or a self!

Who I am to judge? Who are you to judge?

Who are we to dictate what's wrong or right? What's good or bad? What's helpful or not?

Who are we... regards our story and experience to tell others that they are doing wrong, that they shouldn't do what they are doing?

Have you walked their shoes? Have you felt their emotions? have you taken the time to listen and understand?

Everyone has their own path to live and learn... Trying to protect them from it is a satisfaction that you fulfill for yourself, not for them, you are not a savor, you are here to lead the way, inspire... Live and let live!




They say that the only way for people to take action and make changes in their lives, is by hitting rock bottom, by feeling pain and sorrow in its full form.

And as harsh as it sounds... It is the truth!

We don't change, unless circumstances around us forces us to change... A bad relationship... The loss of a loved one... The loss of ourselves, our beliefs and our values... Loosing a job... Not getting what we want, either our dream job, our perfect half, our perfect life.

Humans are designed in a mysterious way. We are programmed to believe that if "It ain't broken, don't fix it", but how far do we have to go to feel absolutely and hopelessly broken to actually fix it? How deep does the pain and sorrow have to go through our hearts, our souls, until we need to emerge ourselves and find a solution?




I dislike pinpointing people's pain and suffering to reach out and try to help them, not because it won't work, is because I believe that we all have to feel broken to be able to rise again.

Is what hurts us the most what helps us the most... It's only through darkness that we find light.

It's only by loosing ourselves completely that we are ready to become who we were always meant to be.




I have suffered... And at times, I still do. When my mind wonders and brings me back to memories I no longer want to feed; no longer want to shed tears for it, no longer want them to cause me to feel unworthy, unwanted and unfulfilled.

I learned how to deal with them, how to stand up strong and face them.

I learned to stop running away from them like a lost child looking for protection.

I learned that by owning them, I could embrace them and find a way to forgive them and let them go.

Pain is part of who we are... Is part of what we feel. Is part of what shapes us. Is part of what makes us grow.

As much as I would love to help you to not feel the same way I once did, to live the experiences I once gone through...It's all in vain. You have your own demons to face.

You have your tools to master. You have a part of you that needs to learn how to let go. You have a part of you that needs to love the person you've become because of the life you lived.




I want to be here, holding your hand, smiling, dancing, embracing the beautiful You!

The person that has made it through wind and fire, hell and storm, the person that stands up here today, tall and proud of their power and their greatness!

What we do, what we did, does not define who we are...We all go through situations were a different US is required so we can deal with it all!

Is the warrior, the survivor in within us that takes charge so we can keep on going!

Is the fierce and fearless Goddess in you!

Is your animal instinct!

Is your strength and power!

Let it shine and let others shine!

Live and Let Live!

Love, Light, Be,

Maria C. Krause.

Mindset and Business Coach.

Mindfulness and Lifestyle Blogger.

Founder and Owner of Soul Sister's Universe.

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