• Maria C. Krause

The pursue to find your true passion

What is passion and how the hell do we find it?!!!

Passion, a word that resonates with all of us! A simple word that describes so many things that we are searching in life. Is a powerful, strong feeling that, as humans, we strongly desire in our lives, in our relationship with our loving partners; or in creating the life that we truly believe we deserve...But how the hell do we find it? Is not tangible; it does not just appear at your doorstep and voila, mystery solved!

We often read about people who talk about how they found their passion and how they were able to turn it into a profitable business, and we wonder how is that actually possible? What do these people have in common, how the hell were they able to find their passion in the first place?

The dictionary offers a thousand and one ways to describe what passion means, and to my amusement, most of them relate to a sexual desire… how crazy is that! Of course, passion plays a big role in sex but that does not mean that this world is only link to that. Ha, imagine if I told you next, that the only way to find your true passion in life is by sleeping with it! How crazy does that sound...needless to say, impossible! Unless you are some sort of sex magician!

Passion is things that you absolutely LOVE doing, over and over again, is as simple as! And it can be anything. You love singing? Then that’s your passion! You love cleaning? Then that could also be your passion! You love trying different foods? Traveling the world? Dressing up? Anything that makes you happy and fulfilled, that brings you joy and allows you to be who you are, in its all uniqueness and beauty, then that’s PASSION MY FRIEND!

There is no secret formula! There’s no, “I’ll study and learn everything there is and hope that will grow on me”. Really?! Waste more years of your life dedicated to something that doesn’t bring you full joy!? Is that the life you want to live?! But then, if that’s your passion, I strongly advise you to pursue it!

Sometimes I think that I felt into my passion by pure accident, but looking back at the life I have so far lived, I am more than sure that everything that I have done has lead me to where I am now. I was not ready before, I had to go and try all the things that I was made believe were the right things to do in life, just to find myself failing and failing all over again… And let me tell you, I could not be more grateful that I did, the Universe had a plan for me and it was only time until I could finally see it.

As a child I remember I wanted to change the world, make a difference, did not how or why, but I felt it deep in my chore; and somewhere along the line, I lost track and belief that I could do that. Mostly because of the circumstances I had gone through that made me lose my faith, in my cause and in humankind, but as I got older, I learned to leave all that behind because I know that the Universe has my back and wants me to pursue my passion, no matter what it takes, no matter at what cost!

So...what are you waiting for?!!! There are signs all around you, open your eyes and accept them, embrace them and take ACTION! What else is there to do?! What life do you want to live: the person who watches how amazing other people lives are or the one that can inspire someone else to step into their powerful greatness!!!

Is up to you, at the end of the day, is your life, your choice to make… What is it going to be?!

I can proudly and happy say now, that I have seen the opportunity, finally! And I became a Transformational Mindset and Body Coach, and my mission, as when I was a child, is to make a difference in this world! Be able to empower and inspire people to pursue their true passion and live a life worth living!

Don’t wait until everything is perfect to take action...that day will never come! Speaking from true personal experience.


From your Soul Sister, Maria C. Krause. xxx

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