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My journey to find my perfect coach!

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

When I started my journey as an entrepreneur I had no idea what a coach was, what they were supposed to do or how they could help me at all. The word and meaning of COACH was something completely strange to me... I thought I only needed a coach if I was going to become the world champion of some sport like cricket ...which by the way, have no idea about; so hiring a Life or Business Coach, felt exactly in the same category.

Until I realized that I wanted to become a champion, in the sport of LIFE, I wanted my life to become what I always dreamed of, I wanted to become the woman I was born to be. So I took that big leap of faith and here I went, my little me, broke, with no job and not a penny in my name, I began my journey on hiring a Coach. When I say journey is because it was exactly that, I went on a Coaching Journey until I found the right one for me; I started with one, then I moved to another one and after the 3rd coach, I thought I was going absolutely insane, still broke and stucked in the same place. Or so I thought! You probably think that I'm insane, "She just mentioned that after the 3rd coach, she was still broke...how mad is she?".

Well, I have to admit that I'm a bit insane, I like to call it Special and Stubborn, it works for me (LOL). But, NO, I wasn't wrong about hiring all these different coaches, I discovered that it wasn't up to them to achieve my goals, they were all equally inspiring, motivated and were all ruling for me to succeed...But it wasn't up to them, absolutely NOT! As most people think, coaches are supposed to get you where you want to go, but let's be honest to ourselves, SUCCESS IS ENTIRELY UP TO YOU! Don't you agree? A Coach is there to guide you, help you, inspire you and at times, be the best friend you ever had; but it's not up to them to do the work that you need to do to accomplish your dreams, that may be becoming the best version of yourself or have a multi million dollar business... THAT IS ON YOU AND ONLY YOU TO ACHIEVE!

When I decided to hire my fourth Coach, I was ready! I was ready to finally take action, I was finally ready to do put in the work necessary to achieve my dreams and my goals. I was ready to take my life to the next level! A level that I didn't believe I was capable when I worked with my previous coaches. I was ready to take my life and my business seriously and I was more than ready to take over the world!

When I finally opened up my mind and made that crucial and conscious decision, I was able to appreciate everything that my previous coaches had taught me, I realized that all they all had given me the guidance and value I was looking for, each and every one of them, as different as they were.

And here it was, that A-HA moment that we all are searching for at the time of making the decision of hiring a coach. The questions:

  • Will it work for me?

  • How do I find the right Coach?

  • Is a big investment... Should I do it? What if I make a mistake?

  • What if it's not the right Coach for me?

  • What if they don't have the knowledge I need?

  • What if they are not who they say they are?

  • What if I can't accomplish what they expect me to in their programs?

  • What if I don't believe in having a coach?

  • What if............

Unlike the previous coaches that I had hired before, who had all the qualifications and experiences possible imagined under the sun, I followed my instincts and hired someone who I felt at ease with, that I could be myself, and who I was comfortable enough to open up and share my most painful experiences, my deepest secrets and myself FULL ON, no censorship.

I was finally allowing myself to reveal who I truly was and embrace my past to turn it into my passion and my gift to help others and become a Coach myself, something that had never crossed through my mind, not even in my wildest dreams. And I will be forever grateful for making that decision for the 4th time; I couldn't imagine my life being what it is now if I didn't make that decision for a 4th time... I forgot to mentioned, this all happen in the space of a year! (Still think I'm crazy?... I am., I warned you!)

And yes, I don't make tons of money...YET, but I am clear on my vision, on who I am and what I want to offer the world... and all thanks to all the coaches I've worked with but in particular in the 4th one, who helped me breakthrough and become the woman I always admired to be!

The biggest tip I can give you when hiring a coach is to JUST FUCKING DO IT! There is so much you can learn about them, about yourself and when you are finally ready to take your life and journey to the next motherfucking level, you will discover a world of endless opportunities, a world where mistakes become lessons, where failure becomes knowledge and where you become who you truly are meant to be.

Try, fail, try again and fail again; and repeat until you succeed; it's the only way to learn and move forward in life. After all, what's a life worth living if you can't be who you truly are?

Ps.: To all the Coaches who are making a difference in this world, I want to THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! To all my four Coaches and particularly my 4th one, THANK YOU for bringing the best in me, my craziness, my stubbornness, my gifts, all my projects and be able to surround myself with amazing and inspiring women like yourself! Forever grateful! I love you Coach number 4th!

Maria C. Krause

Mindset & Business Coach




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