• Maria C. Krause

9-5 jobs, from the bottom of my heart...you can F@#@ OFF!

The last couple of weeks I've been reminiscing on all the times I worked for someone else; the times I got fired (lost track at this point); the times I wished I had gone to college at a young age and have what most people call "a normal life", because as someone that works in the hospitality trade, with different life schedule, we were made to believe that we didn't have a normal life, therefore our jobs where never consider proper jobs.

I always thought I was an outcast, "a child of the night and rebellious" for choosing not to have a 9-5 job; by sleeping until 2 pm; by having a night cap drink at 2 am. I thought and worst, I believed that I was a completely looser and fuck up, and that I had wasted my life.

And not until I started getting up early... and that's just to go to the gym or a jog, love that morning breeze, I realized how miserable my life would have been. Being in an automated mode and doing the same thing over and over again, just praying that the weekend will get here as soon as possible, so I would finally get to enjoy 2 days of freedom, to do all the things that I love! Really? 2 FUCKING DAYS of a 7 day week! How in the hell would I be able to fit everything I love to do, including spending time with myself first and then with the people I love, in TWO FUCKING DAYS!?

I am not great at maths but let's be honest, it doesn't take a Nobel price winner to know that is absolutely impossible, unless you want to be the Grinch and wake everyone you love really really early to spend time with you... How naive and selfish will that be?

So, thank you! Thank you life for not ever giving me the option to go down that rode; for sparing me the painful feeling that it is to run that rat race and believing that that's what life is about... and that I MADE IT!

Thank you for giving me all these beautiful obstacles and deceives so that I can create a life that is worth for me and who I am!

Cheers to all the night workers! The anti-social hour workers! To all the people who has a night cap when the rest of the world is getting ready to go to work! To the people who chose to live by their own rules!

Cheers my friend... and thank you for being who you are!


Maria C. Krause. XX

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