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Freedom of choice.

What a great combination of words. Something about the word FREEDOM that always gets me in a zone, the feeling of it, it's something that words cannot describe. And CHOICE, something that even the most resourceful people, some times take for granted.

I am grateful that I have finally been able to enjoy both of these feelings. I know that throughout my life, I've faced challenges that were beyond my will and understanding; and until this day, there are no explanations for it, only that it happened and I should embrace the fact that these challenges have been place in my life by the Universe.

As most people, I have a story, that I hope some day, I could write it all down and featured in a movie. We are all special and we are given gifts and abilities unique to our own story. And we should all be grateful for it; life is only giving us the tools necessary for us to grow and empower ourselves; no matter how hard those moments are, they are a lesson to be embraced and be joyful for.

And that's where these beautiful words take place to make an impact in our life and the world. FREEDOM OF CHOICE!

We are capable to chose what we want in life, from life. Yeah, you might say that it's not the case for all of us. I use to think like that. I use to think think that a higher power, energy/ force, whatever you chose to call it; didn't exist, because it was unfair for people to suffer, especially children. And know I believe that those are the tools that the Universe gives you to be able to chose how you want to interpret them.

We could spend our whole life crying about the things that have happened to us... and let's be honest, where would that lead us: to more suffering and pain, don't you agree?

Instead, if we chose to see the positive side of things, we could be able to achieve greater things, we could reborn out from the dark and see the light.

Let's take for example the likes of Oprah Winfrey, she is one of my biggest inspirations. Oprah Winfrey had a very taught childhood, being molested and getting pregnant by her molestor; and here she is, one of the most amazing and empowering women in the world. And that's because she chose, to be FREE and turn her suffering into inspiration.

Suffering is not nice, we all fight it and avoid it, but no matter how hard we try, it will show its face even when we think it's gone. Instead of running away, confront it, show suffering who really is in charge, the person that became strong and CHOSE TO BE FREE from it, instead of the person that seek comfort and pity from it.

I am not only saying words just to encourage you...through this words, I seek to encourage myself, to know that what has happened to me throughout life, was what it was meant to happen, because of my bad choices then and because of what I thought about myself.

I know now, that me abusing drugs and alcohol, was a way to fight the pain that I was battling inside of me, thinking that the more numb I'll be, the more I'll forget about being abused emotionally and physically... And that is still a subject that I find hard to share with the world because I am still working on it and how to heal it.

But now, I made the choice, to be FREE from guilt, from anger, resentment, regrets and from the person I once was; unhealthy, unhappy and angry.

Now, I am FREE to CHOSE who I want to be and what I want my life to be like and the Universe to give me.

Don't run away from who you are nor what has happened to you, without it, you wouldn't be able to know who you truly are and make the CHOICE TO BE FREE!


My mantra!

Maria C. Krause. XXX

Mindset and Business Coach

Founder and Owner of Soul Sister's Universe

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