• Maria C. Krause

What it's like to be a Business Owner/ Entrepreneur!

Just by saying the words that you have your own business, there's something like a myth in the air, most people to automatically think YOU HAVE IT MADE!

The little they know... Most people just hear those words and automatically think that you are rich. If you were able to start a business or become an entrepreneur, sure you had some serious cash behind it all.

Surprise! No we, don't. All we had was the desire and dream, and the main two of the main things that make people become successful:

- A strong WHY?


When I started my first business I was broke as fuck. I had just came back from a being in a long holiday after I got fired from my old job... By the way, that was the biggest sign, THE TRIGGER, that the Universe was sending my way to make a change.

I scrapped that money, I went and fought with nails and vampire teeth to get it, so I can be FREE.

And as most people think included myself at the time, I thought: "Woohoooo! I finally made it, I got what I wanted"

What happens after. it's a story of its own. It's the story that embraces you, empower you and makes you doubt if you made the right decision.... Maybe I'll go back to that job where at least I know at the moment, I have security. I can pay the bills, motrgage and family will be well and feed and in the occasional time we would be able to go on an amazing low cost holidays!

So, is this what life is all about? This is what actually means that you've made it in life?

Is IT? Please tell me if you are living your dream, if you are living your passion, if you are living to your truth... Because no matter how hard this road might be at times... FUCK everything else, I would gladly do it over and over again.

Being a business owner or entrepreneur soen't mean you made it. IT MEANS YOU TOOK CONTROL AND CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE. And whatever shit is thrown you way, it doesn't matter, it's still better than having someone else dictating who you should be and how you should live!

At the end, that's more important and valuable than anything money can buy!


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