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What I've learned about myself in 2017

So here we are, a beginning of a brand New Year! 2018! A New Year sounds like the promising of a better year, of a better you, for better things to come and all our dreams become reality!

But what about remembering and cherish the year that just went by? I don't want to be the Christmas buzz killer, but honestly, a New Year doesn't mean that all that happened last year stays behind, the good and the bad comes with us. The good one because it's fucking awesome and that's what this blog is going to concentrate on... But I do want to remember the bad as well, and I'll be quick and brief about it, before I lose you. The bad, or like I like to call it, "the not so good", must be cherished as much as the good, it's what taught us a lesson, what made us see the light and the opportunities, and know what we want, and what we want our life to be like from going through those experiences.

We know life is not all roses, but as roses, things come to an end too. It's up to us to use those experiences and turn them into a valuable knowledge and use them in our advantage. They say "What doesn't kill you, make you stronger!". And that's what they are there for, to EMPOWER you, TEACH you so you become wiser and stronger.

I promised I was going to keep it short and that is the end of that part.

The good... There is so much of it, so much that I don't know exactly where to start! Maybe with the fact that I'm still standing, I am still here: BREATHING, FEELING, LIVING, CREATING and STANDING UP WITH MY HEAD HIGH! Creating the life that I always dreamed of.

There's a great book that found me while I was on my journey to self-development... I say it found me, because I really believe it did. It was some time last summer, while I walked into a charity shop, looking for I don't know exactly what, one of those days when you are just strolling around wandering with no direction nor purpose. I usually wander into these shops to look for a designer bargain but instead, this time, I found myself standing in front of the book section. And as some of you know, trying to find a book in a charity shop it's like trying to find a needle in a haystack. That's why I believe this book found me, "HOW TO GET WHAT YOU WANT AND WANT WHAT YOU HAVE", by John Gray.

For the moment I started that book, I wouldn't leave anywhere without it, any chance, moment, second I had, I would read it. This book has taught me one of the most valuable lessons in life; and it's that while you are pursuing better things in your life, for yourself and the ones you love, you have to do it while appreciating everything you have and everything you have accomplished.

Remember that what you NOW have, you once DESIRED, and you did what it took to get it; don't take it for granted. EVERY ONE of your accomplishments are something you should be thankful and treasure EVERY MOMENT in your life.

The reason why I mention this book is because, although at the moment, I haven't reach the level of success I know I will reach... Everything, every step that is taking me in that direction has giving me the most joy and happiness I could ever wished for.

Through every experience, adventure, new friends I've met along the way, friends that I've grown afar from, from every moment that I have experience in my life so far....Life has given me what I needed to become a stronger and wiser version of myself. Has taught me to keep going, and learn that I'm only human; I am allowed to make mistakes, I am allowed to repeat old habits, even if they are toxic; I am allowed to cry, feel pain, feel frustrated and exhausted... I AM ONLY HUMAN!

What I can say, from a place of honest and ease, from the bottom of my heart is that: "I AM FINALLY ALLOWING MYSELF TO FUCKING LIVE AND BE MYSELF!"

So, 2017:

I want to THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart for all you've giving me, the god and the bad, for giving me the knowledge and the strength to keep going and for knowing that no matter what year is, I am making a difference and I am growing as a WOMAN and as a HUMAN!

2017, I LOVE YOU and I'll forever keep you close to my heart for everything you've given me and taught me!

Farewell, and do me a favor, give your brother, 2018, the heads up... I AM READY FOR IT! I AM GOING TO DO EVERYTHING YOU'VE TAUGHT ME 10 TIMES BETTER!

Love you forever,

Maria C. Krause. XXX

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