• Maria C. Krause

How many voices need to be shouting at at the same time to be heard?!

Injustice! Getting treated like shit! I don't deserve this! I keep hearing this over and over again, people complaining but that's all they do. And when justice is deserve to their own good because they screamed out louder, FUCK THE REST! They didn't have what it takes!

Who are you to decide what others have and don't have what it takes, you don't know their history, their challenges, their fears! If you were brave enough to shout out first, help the rest to do the same... LEAD THE FUCKING WAY!

Most people are out for themselves, because that's the norm and that's what we've been taught. SHOUT OUT THE LOUDEST AND PEOPLE WILL FOLLOW!

Let me tell you something, from experience, from a place of truth, as an employee, as someone who felt in love with their employer and the other way around at the time. When you know what you're good at while working for someone else, you don't want to break bridges, connections, YOU WANT TO BE AS GOOD AS SOMEONE CALLED GOD, SEND YOU TO EARTH!

What if you thought people were treated like shit, made feel belittle, worth nothing because they are holding to that FUCKING thread that society makes us believe, WE MADE IT! WE ARE IN CHARGE! WE ARE IN POWER! We are better than others, because we got that paycheck. the proper attire, the suit and the house to match what we wanted in life while SHITTING ON OTHERS THAT YOU KNOW DESERVE IT MORE!

How many voices have to shout out loud to let the TRUTH heard!

How many "I show you how I made it, how to be successful" but hidden it's the hard work of others that helped you and are unrecognized!

How many voices does it need to scream out INJUSTICE so the rest of the world can be heard?

How many of you are going to put their hands up to be able to help the ones in actual need? The ones that want to scream but are going unheard because you're not ready to listen?

There are people shouting, want to tell their truth....Stop being so fucking caught up in your own shit, and start listening!


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