• Maria C. Krause

When people tell you, YOU CAN'T!

Before I start writing this post, I have to have a good loud laugh!

That is my reaction every time someone tell me I CAN'T!

And you want to know why?

Because most of the time, when I ask WHY NOT? They start mumbling or make a bad joke because they feel uncomfortable. Uncomfortable because they really have nothing to say; because it reflects on their beliefs and not mines. Because they wish they were as strong and outspoken about the things that THEY CAN ACTUALLY DO, but don't have the guts to.

I am a big fan of manifesting, and I not only do it by journaling, I do it by verbalizing it every chance I get. And not because I want to show off, it's not about thinking that I'm better than others. I do it simply because I BELIEVE I CAN! And BELIEVING takes practice and this is one of its forms.

Like everything you do in life. You have to consistently do something, over and over again, even when you feel like you've lost all your willpower and motivation... You have to keep practising, until that practice becomes a habit, something that you do in your daily routine... And if you missed a day, you'll feel it; just like brushing your teeth or eating.

All the things that you think/believe that you CAN'T DO, are just one step away from making it happen. Just keep going with it, be a fucking nerd, put your wisdom glasses on; because at the end of the day...YOU CAN, AND YOU WILL! Nothing and no one is stopping you, unless you let them!

So please don't mind me if I start laughing again... and by the way, I do have a loud laugh... oooppppsss! If YOU ARE THE ONE WHO CAN'T DO IT, TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE, DO NOT TELL ME I CAN'T! YOU HAVEN'T MET ME YET!

What kind of person you believe you are, the one that tells others THEY CAN'T DO IT, or THE ONE THAT GOES AND DOES IT NO MATTER WHAT!!!!

Sending all my strength and love!




Maria. xxx

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