• Maria C. Krause

Happiness? What is it....really?


Is all about the little moments...

The moment a friend that you haven't spoke in a while talks to you; the moment that you make someone cry of happiness and joy because you told them how amazing they are and how important they are for you; the small moment that you open up to one of your friends about your struggles and your fears; the moment that you feel vulnerable and are not afraid of sharing, because someone out there can relate; the moment that you realize that you are worth, thought and loved more that you could ever imagine; the moment that you know someone out there is feeling your pain/love/success and it's listening/relating too; the moment that you realized that your biggest super power is listening, be caring and love someone no matter what they have done and said; THAT MOMENT WHEN YOU CONNECTED WITH SOMEONE BECAUSE IT FELT RIGHT!

Life is not about the "perfect job", "the perfect business" , " the perfect me", "the perfect relationship to the rest of the world", "the perfect family"... Life is NOT ABOUT BEING FUCKING THE PERFECT, it's just about the small little things that make you smile, LIVE FOR, WAKE UP EVERY FUCKING MORNING AND WANT MORE! Life is about living it, IN ALL YOUR SPLENDOR AND TRUTH! IN WHO YOU ARE!

Why are you so afraid?

It's your life after all... FUCK what everyone else thinks, the ones that matter will be in your life, no matter what!

Love, Maria. xxx

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