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Note to myself...because some times is just what you need!

Note to myself. (Because some times we need to remind ourselves)

Dear Maria,

I know you've been having a bit of a tough week. Your mood has been up and down. There have been moments that you felt like doing NOTHING. There were moments were you wanted to give up your day job so you can only focus on your passion; but as much as you hate being realistic, this is a moment when that word and its meaning, makes perfect sense.

You are on the right path, specially because you have finally found your passion; you know that no matter how much you struggle at times, YOU NEVER EVER GIVE UP! And that's what makes you special.

You know how many people live their life without purpose? Without knowing who they really are or what they want in life? You know how many people live a life of emptiness, waiting for a miracle to happen instead of going out and find it?

You made the conscious decision to turn your life around. You knew in that moment, when you were deep in a hole and you wanted your life to end...Not physically, but emotionally, YOU WANTED THAT LIFE TO BE OVER! You knew then and made that decision that would change your life forever.

You decided to take charge and you promised yourself that you wanted, and deserved something better. YOU KNEW YOU WANTED TO BECOME WHO YOU WERE ALWAYS MEANT TO BE, and not only that...INSPIRE OTHERS TO DO THE SAME!

So let's stick with this plan Maria, let's stay strong and focus.

I know that sometimes can be tough, that unfortunately you have to deal with people and situations that you don't really want to...But it's OK, you are strong, and you can pull through because you know exactly where you are going, and because of your passion, there's nothing or no one that could ever stop you.

Keep doing what you're doing! And if you feel like doing nothing, then DO NOTHING, IT'S OK. You are a creator, and as many creators, you also need time to regroup, recharge your energy and give yourself a break. Always remember: YOU HAVE THE POWER TO SHIFT ANY NEGATIVE FEELINGS, ANY BAD ENERGY...no matter how strong you might feel it's coming from somewhere else, YOU ARE IN CHARGE!

PS.: I love you, you are my SUPERHERO.

Having a ME DAY!



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