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Who is familiar with this and who has actually done it?

I live in a small studio apartment at the moment, by myself, that's what I wanted and I got it... If anyone is familiar with the rent situation in Dublin at the moment, they'll understand.. Think it might be the same all around the world.

Some might say I got lucky, I do have my own space and as small as it is, I managed to make it a home, and that's the most important thing...

And I lived in some kick ass places... bigger houses, 3 floor houses with 5 bathrooms, and even a private TV room... But now this is home, and it's exactly what I need.

Anyways, going back to MOOD GOAL SETTING BOARDS... If you ever come to my studio, you might think I am crazy and full of myself.

I manifest, everything I want, I designed my life for the next 5 years...and it's all around , all over the walls: money, love life, success, family, my future books, the people I want to work with, going global, the houses I want to build and the places I want to live...It's all here, in my tiny fucking studio, it's what

I look at every morning when I wake up, it's what I breath, smell, think, dream, eat...every single fucking day...It's what I believe I can and will achieve! And it's the fuel that keeps me going every single day, IT'S MY DESIGN, MY CREATION, IT'S MY ART!

I could have made the excuses, to make it easier on myself... If....

"IF" never comes unless you start somewhere!

Design your life first, create the MOOD SETTING GOAL BOARD that you want, no matter how crazy it seems...You'll want to crash each and everyone of those goals, no matter what it takes!

R you ready!? Guess what, there's never "I am ready time", YOU JUST GO AND FUCKING DO IT! THE REST WILL FOLLOW!

Love, Maria C Krause.

Mindset and Business Coach.

Founder and Owner of Soul Sister's Universe.

#NEWLIFE #loveyourself #selfbelief #confidence

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