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How my, Skin, Body and I became best friends

How my Skin, my Body and I became best friend

As a teenager I suffered from severe Acne. And for anyone who has gone through this as young woman blossoming, it could be very hard to deal with. Your confidence is in-existence, afraid to talk to anyone, in case they would point out and then you’ll blush and make it even worst. On summer holidays and school trips, I would wear a T-shirt and short...yep, I look like one of those women in the 50’s, it was daunting. As a teenager with bad skin and being a bit of Tomboy, I wasn’t a huge fan of make-up; my friends kept trying to convince me to use foundation to cover up my Acne, but for some reason, although I tried it, I felt it looked worst.

I wanted to feel beautiful

Thanks to Mom, she always kept a plant of Aloe Vera at home, she always said, it was the most potent natural healer for the skin. Although it didn’t help getting rid of my Acne, it did help with the soreness and the scaring. I would cut a leave of the plant every night and apply it to my face and back religiously. And thanks to it, there is not one scar in my skin form my youth Acne.

Moving from Teenage Days to Adulthood

As an adult, although my skin was flawless and still is, I develop Acne Rosacea. This is a skin disorder limited to the nose, cheeks, chin and forehead. The skin becomes oily, reddened and bumpy; and small blood vessels are visible. So I went from getting rid of one Acne to develop a new one. Needless to say, my self esteem at this stage was broken.

In my case Acne Rosacea would erupt at the first sip of anything that content alcohol; even my beloved glass of red wine.

I always been a huge advocate of using natural products and ingredients. Having been brought up in a farm in the south of Argentina, Mom always made sure that we kept a healthy balanced diet.

After long researching what caused adults to develop Acne Rosacea, I discover that one of the cause was H.pylori bacteria. This is a bacteria found in the gut and what it does, it stimulates the production of bradykinin, this is a protein known to cause blood vessels to dilate. In my case, this all made sense because not only was I suffering from Acne Rosacea, I had also developed IBS throughout the years; triggered by a stressful lifestyle. I realized

that the best thing I could do, was to start treating my body from the inside out.

Guess who re-appeared in my Skin and Health life again?

First I looked at natural remedies that would help me with my digestion problems, only to discover over and over again, the magic plant, Aloe Vera. And to my surprise, not only you could apply Aloe Vera topically to the skin, you could also ingest it...I was so excited, thinking back to what that little beautiful miracle plant had done for my skin when I was suffering from Acne in my youth.

I went on a mission to find the best product in the market; and after many trials with different products purchased in all kinds of shops, from pharmacies to Natural shops, I found this amazing product through a friend and it has honestly changed my life.

Drinking Aloe Vera every morning combined with a healthy diet, has help restore my gut flora. Not only, I can now, eat and drink all the wine I want, my energy levels have sky rocketed, I no longer feel bloated and sluggish after a nice meal. And not to mention, I live a life with minimum stress!

I keep a morning routine in which I look after my body from the inside and a night time routine in which I apply my magic potions to bring the best out of my beautiful skin.

So, as a teenager once again, I keep my ritual of not applying any foundation to my skin...I love it!

And still manage to do it nowadays that I am 39 years young!


Maria. xxx


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