• Maria C. Krause


There is this whole thing about getting up early, rise before the sun rises so you can be fully ready for the day, be stronger and smarter! And there's this whole thing that some people are better during the morning and some better at night, depend on the hour you were born.

What if you are both?

I absolutely love my mornings! It's the time I get to do my routines, spend time with myself, learn new things...and somewhere in the middle I go to work, about 10 pm I feel drained, shuttered, and then 12 am comes...AND BOOM!

The creative side comes out and I can't seem to shut it down. I sit here working in what I ABSOLUTELY LOVE, might look like I might be an insomniac, but I am NOT! I want to take advantage of every second, every moment that this crazy mind of mine decides its time to create... It's like having that amazing dream and waking up, remembering everything and take a snooze just to wake up and forget everything... SUCKS! That dream could have been the next greatest movie, the next greatest book, or even adventure!

Whenever you feel like you want to create something EPIC, just Fucking DO IT! Morning, afternoon, night... IMAGINATION AND CREATION DON'T HAVE SCHEDULES, IT JUST HAPPENS!

As NIKE ads would say "JUST DO IT"

Maria C. Krause.

Mindset and Business Coach.

Founder and Owner of Soul Sister's Universe.


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