• Maria C. Krause

Let's create a new vocabulary!

There's a few words that I would like to erase from the dictionary and our mind!

Realistic, Fear, Challenges... Although the I have use the last word, CHALLENGE, in many occasions, I have realized I do not feel comfortable with it.

Let's put all in one sentence, that way I can explain it better.

"Today I face my FEARS, and my biggest CHALLENGE is that I have big DREAMS and I find them hard to achieve, because I have to be REALISTIC, life is not what I wanted to be like."


The REAL WORLD that we are supposedly living in?

Come on! There are clown presidents running the economy in the world, is that REALISTIC? There are jobs where some people are not professional enough, but get to be UPGRADED? There are people who struggle when they are the most kind people in the world?

I decided from now on, I will have my own dictionary...Yeah, I know, it might have a lot of curse words, but they are not coming from a place of anger, they are from a place of "WAKE THE FUCK UP", LIVE YOUR LIFE, LIVE YOUR TRUTH.. FITTING IN IS OVERRATED!

Spoken with all my true fucking love because I am not your average coach, I choose to be ME!

Love, Maria C. Krause.

Mindset and Business Coach.

Founder and Owner of Soul Sister's Universe.


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