For a long time I was lost, on a roller

change your Mindset...change your Life



have you ever felt or are currently feeling...

  • Uneasy and shy.  

  • Hesitant of who you truly are.  

  • Unclear of what you want.​

  • Constantly thinking negative thoughts about what your abilities are, and about yourself in general.  

  • Hard to enjoy and relax in circumstances that you would like to.  

  • A complete lost of direction in your life.

  • Not knowing who you are or what you want out of life.

  • Wanting to find your life purpose.

  • Not appreciating the things that use to make you happy.

  • Feeling insecure and unwanted.

  • Feeling that you are not worth enough.

  • Feeling that you had enough.

  • Wanting a better life.

  • Knowing in your heart and soul that you were destined for more.

How I can help?

we all have a unique and special story

I help souls to rediscover their inner and outer beauty, build unshakeable confidence and belief in themselves to live a more meaningful and fulfilled life, doing what they love and loving who they are.

Our life is a Journey of a 1000 tales...

We all have a journey, filled with all sorts of experiences and emotions, some great and some not so great.

How we chose to live our lives according to our experiences is what is going to make the difference. If we chose to dwell in the past, then we'll never move forward.

We need to empower our journey, to empower ourselves and believe that we are capable of overcoming everything that life has to offer us.

I know how sometimes things can seem hard and that we can't find a way out, a combination of everything I have mentioned above. I have been there, feeling that life had no meaning, lost in a world of doubts and fear, not knowing who I was anymore, or what I wanted my life to be.

The beauty about this life is that it gives us the opportunity to start all over again, reprogram our mind and find our purpose once again.

When I finally decided to go on a quest to change my life around, I had no idea where or how would I start. I knew in my heart something had to change, I had to change, I couldn't keep feeling that way anymore. I wanted to feel happy, I wanted to do things that had meaning, I wanted to become the woman I was always meant to be, powerful and strong.

When one of my friends lend me my first ever book on self development, which I still carry around, no matter where I go, my life changed forever and it open the door to this brand new world of Mindfulness and self discovery. BTW, the book is from Louis Hay, "You can Heal your Life", I highly recommend it. You can find a link to downloaded in one of my blogs, 8 of my favorite books to self-development.

What we repeat in our minds is what we receive, therefore is our duty, as humans to make sure that we feed it with positive and empowering thoughts. We can be whoever we want to be! We can have the life that we always dreamed of! We can live a happy and fulfilled life! The secret relies in how we feel and think about ourselves. And if you're ready to unleash your Soul Power, I am happy to help you on your journey to self discover and true happiness!

To read my full story, click on the button below... You'll be surprised to know that I had my share fair of disappointments  and life challenges like everyone else.


Love, Light, BE

Maria C. Krause. XXX