"I am a strong believer that people shouldn't be defined by what they do or what  have done; we are capable of doing anything and becoming who we were always meant to be if we put our souls and minds to it."

 Maria C. Krause


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Hey Beautiful Queen!

Have you ever stop for a second and think what you're life would have been like if you had trusted your instincts instead of other people's opinions?

Where would you be now?

What would you be doing now?

Would you have chosen a different career?

A different lifestyle?

I am a strong believer that what the life we live has a meaning an a purpose, and no matter where life has taken us, is all part of the learning and the process to grow and become better and better every day!

You now have the choice to empower and embrace what life has giving you and start creating the life that you were always destined to live.

Ask and you shall receive! The Universe is always by our side, ready to give us more love, kindness and the confidence to follow our passion and dreams.

We all have today, to start over again and make this life, a life to remember!

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Love, Light, BE

Maria C. Krause. xxx

Jennifer Hardie, Business Coach



Her energy is magnetic and you can't leave her without feeling completely inspired and ready to take over the world!  


We became close friends in this short time and I am looking forward to many INCREDIBLE experiences together. With Maria by your side, SUCCESS is the only road to travel!"  

Bree Marie, Mindset Coach

"Maria is the light you never knew you needed! She helped me realize that I was standing in my own way. As an online coach, it’s so hard to gain perspective on where we are with our journey and our business. Maria helped me put everything into perspective! I would recommend Maria to anyone who is struggling with what direction they want to launch their business into!"

Larissa Martincic, Mindset and Abundance Coach

Maria is a true leader!! If you have the pleasure of working with her you are in great hands. She is fully invested in giving you the skills and tools you need to reach your dreams. This is one woman who is making an impact for the better.

testimonials from inspiring souls...

Why is it so important to take care of your Mindset?

Hey Beautiful Soul... Yes, YOU, I am talking to you, I can see you and how powerful and unique you are!

Each and everyone has a unique gift that we've been carrying in our souls since the moment we were born into this Universe, but somewhere along life, we stop believing on who we really are and what we are capable of.

This is why is so important to start working on your Mindset. What we think, what we feel, are the most powerful tools we have to help us rise and be who we always wanted to be, to love ourselves unconditionally and manifest a life of happiness and fulfillment.

Let me tell you a secret... Just like most people, when a friend of mine introduced me to Mindfulness and Mindset work, I thought she was crazy...LOL! I thought it was just some woohoo thing that people was doing, as a trend, the new "IT"thing... but I honestly didn't think that it would actually work, specially on someone like me.

Yeah, someone like me...At that moment of my life, I was lost, hurt, angry, sad; I had no direction, no purpose, I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life, and what was worst, I didn't know who I was anymore.

Have you ever felt that way?... Are you feeling that way now?

I could sit here for hours and tell you how much my life changed once I start believing in the Power of Mindfulness and how it could make such an impact in your Mindset for better and forever, but the only way you'll ever believe me is by experience it yourself. We live and we learn!

The biggest mistake I see people doing when it comes to changing their Mindset, is that they don't keep the consistency, and most of them give up after just trying for one day!

We all now by now, that quick fixes do not exit, and the ones that do exist, are not good for our bodies, minds and souls.

You have to be 100% sure, both in your heart and your soul that you want to make changes, that you are ready to own your shit and step into your full Soul Power! That you know life has more to give! THat YOU have more to give, to yourself and the ones you love the most.

Change starts from within, and if you are ready, I will make it my mission to help you all along the way. To rediscover your inner and outer beauty, build unshakeable confidence and belief in yourself, and start living the life you always dreamed of!

Are you ready QUEEN?

Schedule your 1-1 FREE MASTER PLAN call with me today and let's do this!

Love, Light, BE

Maria C. Krause. XXX


Maria is passionate about working and collaborating with other entrepreneurs.

She helps entrepreneurs become more visible, inspire, heal and make a bigger impact by sharing their unique powerful story

Mindset & Business Mentor